My poor, problematic feet don't let me wear anything much over a three- or four-inch heel.

I've been getting into drinking smoothies in the morning - I like those a lot.

I'd say I've gone to grad school for comedy being on 'Community.'

I used to babysit. And the kids I babysat were huge Hilary Duff fans, and so we used to have dance parties every day to her music. So I am very familiar with the albums of Miss Hilary Duff.

It really does mean so much when your cast mates, who you respect so much, tell you that you made them laugh.

I think when you're in a relationship, either you have something or your partner generally has something that you're having to deal with.

For me, I really love 'Tim and Eric' and 'Dr. Steve Brule' and a lot of the Adult Swim shows, so I like strange, weird, sometimes slightly upsetting humor.

Some girls say they don't feel comfortable in flats, they only feel comfortable in heels; I am not one of those girls.

'Fresh Air' I listen to, like, every day.

Boy, you know, it's amazing how your brain can turn into a sieve, and you can literally forget episodes that you have shot.

I'm a terrible cook.

I feel like the Internet has embraced the pizza dance. I feel appreciated for once in my life.

We're all slight hypocrites who fall short of our ideals.

Even something as stupid as Vine videos makes you feel like you're making things on your own.

I've had weird, weird acting jobs. Low-budget filmmaking where you find yourself in really bizarre places.

I don't think I've ever been mistaken for anyone.

There is a great degree of comfort with your family when you're on a TV show.

You can convey a lot of emotion with just some eyebrows and mouth movement.

You can only do so many serious dramas in a row before you want to break. You want a change.

Dan Harmon has this idea that characters on TV are allowed to talk about their favorite movies and TV shows and songs.

A lot of people watch 'Community,' but DVR viewings only count if you watch within a certain time.

I always had an easier time with adults. Somehow, I was always old! I still feel old.

I have a hard time watching people getting punched on screen; I have to close my eyes a lot.

I am wrestling with the overalls trend. I wore so many pairs in junior high, and no one thought they were cute. Perhaps I'll try them cuffed with a tasteful crop top?

My mom always said fighting with me as a kid was like going to court. I'm trying to realize that being right is not the most important thing.

My mom wouldn't know Tom Cruise if he punched her in the face.

Actors are all narcissists.

While I love film and want to continue to pursue it 100 percent, my home is TV.

I used to live in New York, and I have friends that work in the fashion world, and I feel like I had an ear to the ground there.

I am short, so even if there are things that I like, or like on other people, I have to be aware that sometimes that won't work on me because I'm not 5'10. It has to have a shape for my body; otherwise, I look like I am two inches tall. I have to wear things that skim my body more closely than a runway model would.

I think you just have to take everything that happens on a TV show with a grain of salt. You sign up for a show for six years having zero idea where they're going to go with the character, so you just have to get on the ride of the show and go with wherever they take you.

I'd never really done comedy before 'Community,' so getting to work day in and day out with all these great people, directors, writers, and actors, I feel like I've learned a lot.

I don't like yelling insults at someone who's never done anything to me.

A lot of people I went to college with felt like they wanted to pursue theater exclusively, so I don't think that I really was in competition with people that I went to school with.

It's funny shooting movies because you get to see clubs during daylight hours, which no one should ever see - it's not pretty; there's a reason the lighting is dim in there.

I'm a Bravoholic, and I love 'RuPaul's Drag Race.'

You're always looking to have a unique experience as an actor, and definitely, being punched by a puppet ranks as a singular experience in my career.

College is expensive; I always knew that, and I wanted to make money, partially to spend a little of it here and there, but primarily for a college savings fund.

We're all alone in this world.

My grandfather can barely even hear, and Chevy Chase makes a face, and he laughs.

I think, you know, when you're an actor who's had periods of unemployment, it makes you feel really good to have a job - to say that you're expected somewhere, do you know what I mean?

What I think is a really special movie is 'Black and White' with Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer, which Mike Binder directed. I got to see a screening of it, and I think Kevin and Octavia and Anthony Mackie and Bill Burr all give such beautiful performances in that movie.

I keep reminding myself, through all the ups and downs of 'Community,' that I might never have another job that really means something to people the way 'Community' means something to people. That's more powerful than ratings.

I think when you have some success as a kid, your notion of being a good actor is pleasing the director, doing exactly what they tell you to do.

They didn't really encourage my goofy, comedic side at Juilliard.

There were definitely bands and musicians I liked that drove my mother insane. I probably liked them all the more for it! Bjork drove my mom nuts. What I listened to was actually pretty mom-friendly for the most part. I wasn't very rebellious.

It's really nice when life comes full circle and you get to work with people four years down the line.

In Los Angeles, sometimes it's hard to find a magazine stand, let alone one that has the magazine that you want. So I find that the longer I live in L.A., the more digitally I consume.

I've always thought - and I don't even know if I'd be right for the part - that Jean Seberg would make a great biopic. She was in Jean-Luc Godard's 'Breathless,' she played Joan of Arc. She had this eventful and traumatic adulthood, she thought the FBI was after her, and she became a darling of the French New Wave.