My family and I are so close, it's important to have a close knit relationship and to make time to spend with each other, especially at the holidays.

My name does help me get in the door, but it doesn't do the work for me.

In Italy, there are a lot of Coppolas - it's like being called Jones. No one really notices.

As a teenager, I wanted to be sophisticated and avant-garde, and I was really judgmental. But when you're a teenager, you're fearless because you don't know the repercussions to anything.

I'm a pyro. I love exploding things.

I love my family's films.

I wanted to be a bartender for a bit.

You can't host an Italian film festival without Marcello Mastroianni. It just doesn't feel right.

We definitely have to support other female directors because there's not enough of us.

I guess I knew my dad was into photography, so a part of me was interested in picking it up to understand him a little better.

Once I found these sticker things for your nails - Sally Hansen - those were really fun to do. They're really fun to do when you're bored, and it's better than painting your nails because you don't mess up. It looks really good, very professional. I tried a zebra one that was really pretty, but I always get a little bored of it.

It was kind of intimidating to make a feature without that much experience.

The hardest thing on 'Palo Alto' was letting go because I kept working on it, trying to make it better.

If I'm not comfortable, I just look awkward.

It's hard not to be impressed by my older relatives.

I studied photography at Bard, but I just felt tired of it. Someone asked me to be in a video but didn't want to be in it, so they told me to make my own, and that seemed more fun to me.

When I was a baby, my mom was always bringing me onto set.

I just remember that pivotal moment when you're a young adult, and you realize that these authority figures are human beings, too, and they're figuring out their lives just as you are, and they're flawed.

Women need to support women.

I think my job is hopefully to connect with people emotionally and to feel less alone or understand things in a certain way.

I don't like being in front of the camera.

I think there's always this idea in your head, but you have to allow the film to take its own course.

I just love seeing other females work.

I think what's so great about making your first feature film is that you're so naive in some ways; you don't know what to expect, and you don't question things as much because you're just trying to figure it out as you go.

It's tricky to take a book of short stories and turn it into a feature film.

I wanted to be a ballet dancer. I was bad - I'm not very coordinated. But I always wished I could have been a dancer.

'Virgin Suicides' was such a big movie to me as a teenage girl. It blew me away.

I love to play with the gadgets that come with film.

I'm so proud to be American.

I've been very surprised by people asking me what my teenage experience was like.

My only vice is 'Keeping up With The Kardashians.' I can't really explain what it is that fascinates me so much, but it just sucks me in.

I didn't go to film school. My Grampa always says just watch a lot of movies. He didn't go to film school; he went to theatre school. It's interesting to learn about the technical side of it, but I think it's more important to learn about writing and working with actors.

When I was younger, I had pink underneath my hair, and I got detention. I went to an all-girls school where you wore a uniform, and pink hair was not OK.

I watched a lot of movies about teenagers, including 'The Last Picture Show,' 'American Graffiti,' 'Rumblefish.' It's one of my favorite genres.

I get to collaborate and tell stories with moving photographs.

There is always something I gain from watching a movie, whether it's a silly romantic comedy or an art film.

I liked to drive around, just playing music for everyone.

To a certain extent, I like fashion, but sometimes I just want to be comfortable and don't really care.

I think when you do things outside of what you're interested in, you meet people and get ideas to bring in to whatever it is you love doing the most.

My mentor in college was Stephen Shore. I loved his color palettes and his taking mundane things but finding them fascinating.

I knew I wanted to be creative but didn't know how.

It's great because all of my friends from elementary school are still my closest friends.

I love so many directors. I love David O. Russell. I love David Fincher, I love Alexander Payne and Jane Campion and my aunt. Spike Jonze. There are just so many amazing directors.

Chanel is a brand that is so inspiring.

Making a movie is a lot of problem solving.

I've only ever taken a playwriting class, but I like creative writing and writing screenplays.

I enjoy fashion photography and textiles, that whole aspect of it. As more of an art form, I like Proenza Schouler. Those guys are really cool because they seem to have an interesting approach to it all.

I went to a private all-girls school where I didn't feel I fit in.

If I were to save one possession in a fire, it would have to be my dad's camera, an old, broken Nikon. I always keep it with me - his personal things mean a lot.