There is no real reality to a really imagined life any more.

Is it worse to be scared than to be bored, that is the question.

Every adolescent has that dream every century has that dream every revolutionary has that dream, to destroy the family.

It takes a heap of loafing to write a book.

A bag which was left and not only taken but turned away was not found. The place was shown to be very like the last time. A piece was not exchanged, not a bit of it, a piece was left over. The rest was mismanaged.

A virgin a whole virgin is judged made and so between curves and outlines and real seasons and more out glasses and a perfectly unprecedented arrangement between old ladies and mild colds there is no satin wood shining.

If you are too careful, you are so occupied in being careful that you are sure to stumble over something.

A creator is not in advance of his generation but he is the first of his contemporaries to be conscious of what is happening to his generation.

Once more I can climb about and remind you that a woman in this epoch does the important literary thinking.

Cubism is a part of the daily life in Spain, it is in Spanish architecture. The architecture of other countries always follows the line of the landscape . . . but Spanish architecture always cuts the lines of the landscape.

That is what you are. That's what you all are ... all of you young people who served in the war. You are a lost generation.

Asparagus in a lean in a lean is to hot. This makes it art and it is wet weather wet weather wet.

Hemingway's remarks are not literature.

A cool red rose and a pink cut pink, a collapse and a sold hole, a little less hot.

So many words to use. Oh do not say that words have a use.

Communists are people who fancied that they had an unhappy childhood.

Picasso once remarked I do not care who it is that has or does influence me as long as it is not myself.

I know what Germans are. They are a funny people. They are always choosing someone to lead them in a direction which they do not want to go.

One does not get better but different and older and that is always a pleasure.

Argument is to me the air I breathe. Given any proposition, I cannot help believing the other side and defending it.

It is very easy to love alone.

In the morning there is meaning, in the evening there is feeling.

A house in the country is not the same as a country house.

If the communication is perfect, the words have life, and that is all there is to good writing, putting down on the paper words which dance and weep and make love and fight and kiss and perform miracles.

To be regularly gay was to do every day the gay thing that they did every day. To be regularly gay was to end every day at the same time after they had been regularly gay. They were regularly gay. They were gay every day. They ended every day in the same way, at the same time, and they had been every day regularly gay.

F. Scott Fitzgerald is the first of the last generation.

No one is ahead of his time, it is only that the particular variety of creating his time is the one that his contemporaries who also are creating their own time refuse to accept.

Once upon a time Baltimore was necessary.

The earth is the earth as a peasant sees it, the world is the world as a duchess sees it, and anyway a duchess would be nothing if the earth was not there as the peasant sees it.

Do you know because I tell you so, or do you know, do you know.

Nature is commonplace. Imitation is more interesting.

Men and girls, men and girls: Artificial swine and pearls.

Do not forget birthdays. This is in no way a propaganda for a larger population.

A vegetable garden in the beginning looks so promising and then after all little by little it grows nothing but vegetables, nothing, nothing but vegetables.

Very likely education does not make very much difference.

The thing that differentiates man from animals is money.

Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense. They listen so much that they forget to be natural. This is a nice story.

Action and reaction are equal and opposite.

I always say that you cannot tell what a picture really is or what an object really is until you dust it every day and you cannot tell what a book is until you type it or proof-read it. It then does something to you that only reading it never can do.

I like a view but I like to sit with my back turned to it.

What is music. A passion for colonies not a love of country.

Cloudiness what is cloudiness, is it a lining, is it a roll, is it melting.

Americans are very friendly and very suspicious, that is what Americans are and that is what always upsets the foreigner, who deals with them, they are so friendly how can they be so suspicious they are so suspicious how can they be so friendly but they just are.

Oh, I wish I were a miser; being a miser must be so occupying.

I am I because my little dog knows me.

What happened to-day, a narrative.

Counting is the religion of this generation it is its hope and its salvation.

Everyone gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.

It is funny that men who are supposed to be scientific cannot get themselves to realise the basic principle of physics, that action and reaction are equal and opposite, that when you persecute people you always rouse them to be strong and stronger.