If I told a lie, then I got to come back and correct it years later. I hate that I have to be the person that touch on their life and be personal and be direct with certain situations, but man, I'm glad that it's me than them.

For me, it's always been one of my pet peeves to keep people engaged and talking, and just always being interested in what I have going on. To keep the level of creativity always turned up to the max.

My music is like a diary. I use every experience.

I want my money to be different. I'm not trying to have rapper money. My goal is to be able to get everything from the world that I can get.

I'm the top rapper in the world.

Man, I wanna be there for everybody. I wanna make everybody happy, and I can't... That's why I stay in the studio.

I don't take anything for granted. I know there are a million and one dudes who are rapping, wishing they were in my shoes.

I want to keep doing what I'm doing and see how far I can go. See when it stops. See what the end is like. I want to make this moment last as long as I can make it. If I miss a day, I'm afraid I'll miss out on a smash record.

If I'm the biggest artist in the world, cool, but I want to just be me.

Just understand that the type of music that I make is something special.

I feel like guys, girls, whatever it is, you just come out hoping to make the best record. You just try to have a conversation and just create what you've talked about. Whatever you find to fit the beat at the time, what the person is down for, wherever the beat takes you towards.

I feel a responsibility for telling the truth.

You want to create your own path, no matter what situation you're in.

It don't matter who I'm working with. I just feel like I want to make the best record possible.

It's hard to get burned out or uninspired, man.

All I know is record, record, record, record.

I'm always a fan of good business moves.

Every day, I bring out something new. You got to be prepared - you got to have a few outfits laying out for when you wake up, in case you want to change, to set the mood.

You don't question magic.

When I first used Auto-Tune, I never used it to sing. I wasn't using it the way T-Pain was. I used it to rap because it makes my voice sound grittier.

People respond to something melodic.

People think fashion shows take hours - it's 15 minutes. You walk in, do red carpet, take the pictures, you sit down... and then it's over.

I'm not trying to feed off of a concept that another artist had - that's not what I do.

My career choice is my career choice. Just stepping out of that zone, to be able to be a provider. I understand my position as a provider and my role as a dad also... Just being able to be comfortable with it.

All gigs are good gigs. There's never a bad one. Everything have a reason behind it; you just got to find that reason.

When you grow up in something, you don't even know if it's bad or good. You just know that's how it is.

I do everything for my family.

I have to go places beyond music.

My kids gotta understand: they gotta make a sacrifice, having a superstar dad.

You have to just do music, and you're becoming this entertainer, and so many people require so much of your time for different things, different obligations you have to make money, or just different obligations you have as a person in whatever the situation may be.

It takes an astronaut so long to get to space - that's how long it takes to catch up on my music.

My sister wants a Rollie. When I buy one now, I gotta buy like five, ten. It's crazy.

When I'm in the studio, I stay in the studio, like, sometimes 20 hours out the day.

You gotta catch the sauce. Move with me... I'm dripping sauce.

I have a crazy work ethic. I'll do 20 songs a day. I love music that much.

I'm not just a hip-hop artist; I feel like I'm a rock star.

Don't matter if you're rich, poor or whatever, you just want to be able to have your own experiences in life and listen and learn from other people.

My fashion sense is relatable but stands out because it's my own.

The melodies I come up with, they're not normal.

I want to judge the nannies that's around my child. I don't want to pay for a nanny that I never met, that I never got a chance to interview. That's not the life I want for my child. I want to be involved 100 percent in all decisions made. This my flesh and blood.

You got one life to live. So I'm living it the way I want to live it.

I just like being versatile, giving new styles and being creative.

My style is a part of my music. You can't be an artist and not put any thought or effort into the way you appear.

At the end of the day, I'm out of here - above anything.

For just being a black artist in rock n' roll and be able to step outside and create, and make great music. And just be different. Just a different breed. And that's what I love about Jimi Hendrix's music - the way he plays the guitar is so different. He's just an icon all around.

Quality is everything to me, and I perfect everything I do.

I don't even talk about being locked up in any of my songs.

My kids need to be around me. And the times that I'm out of town, if I'm not too busy, they can come to me.

I want people to say, 'He evolved throughout his whole career.' I wanna be able to have the most number one records ever. The most Top 10 records ever.