I am diabetic. So diet control is a pre-given for me.

As a musician, I have sung, composed, and played instruments, and a lesser-known fact is that I have composed 20-30 ad jingles as well.

I think I lost too much weight during 'Khubsoorat.'

I'm an improvisational actor. I like to do my own thing. But once in a while, I think you should have the self-restraint to let someone else dictate the story.

If I'm going to talk about something, I need to be educated about it, and I need to have seen all the perspectives.

During college, I didn't really have an interest in what I was studying. It was during college that I first stumbled into forming an underground band where I was the lead vocalist. I had always had an ear for music, but nothing more than that. And that good ear of mine led me to learn and play a lot of instruments while in college.

I've adopted a diet that minimises high glycemic index carbs, coupled with lean protein sources and a mix of vegetables.

I choose films preferably based on content, and then I see the kind of team I have to work with.

From the time I've landed in India and wherever I've travelled, I've only experienced politeness and courtesy. There has been no hatred whatsoever. But I strongly feel every country has its formalities and rules that one has to abide by. I believe in respecting that, as it is in the best interests of everyone.

I was born in Karachi, where my father used to work in the sales department of a pharmaceutical company. The nature of his job required him to travel, so we moved to Athens, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Riyadh and then went to Manchester during the Gulf War, moving back to Lahore closer to my father's retirement.

I was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus Type 1.

I have always been the black sheep of the family. I am the middle child, with an older and a younger sister.

My character has to be alive. It can't be a mere prop, and it has to have a life of its own. I need to have that space to play around and the scope to interact with the people around me. That freedom would give me a lot of margin to improvise with.

TV needs to be the medium for progress, not degeneration. There needs to be more programming for children. Plays need to become more responsible.

Wherever the wind blows me, I'll go! My eventual goal is to have enough experience to produce something on my own.

I am genuinely happy that other actors are entering the industry and gaining popularity. There are enough opportunities in the business for everybody.

The motto of my life is, 'The best advice is no advice at all.'

I think there comes a time when you start dropping expectations. Because the world doesn't owe you anything, and you don't owe the world anything in return. Things, feelings, are a very simple transaction. If you get it, be grateful. If you don't, be alright with it.

Almost every story has a romantic angle to it.

'Khoobsurat' was an eye-opener in many ways. Cinema is a colossal money-churning business in India, and working in that environment offered me quite an incredible learning experience.

I'd rather speak less because I don't consider myself a very intelligent person.

If I get into something, I get into it for the pure joy of it.

Playing interesting characters makes me feel alive.

I'm married to the only woman I've loved, and I'm happy.

My wife is not insecure at all. She is one of the most sensible persons I know.

There's a strong bond I feel with my wife. It's not that I haven't come across other attractive people in my life, but no one else was willing to put up with me.

I am always scared when I start something new. That hasn't changed.

I don't think a multi-starrer or a solo film has anything to do with your choice of films. That is a bit of a primitive concept, really. Yes, you might want to keep a healthy balance, but that has more to do with the kind of roles you are playing.

Obviously, I'm not a man of steel in that people's words don't affect me. They might hurt me. But I am becoming immune to it as time goes by.

Whenever you move to a new atmosphere, the first few days are difficult. But I always felt that an actor needs to move out of his comfort zone and experience different working environments. And that's why I was looking at moving out of my own comfort zones and work with different kinds of people. It helps you grow as an actor.

I was part of a metal and rock band, and I performed in front of 3000 to 4000 people for many years. I was the loudest mouth up there on stage. We would be screaming, head-banging and mass venting. We would all vent our feelings together, which is ideal as compared to participating in political and social forums, and I never felt any restrictions.

Everyone has different interests, but instead of constructive learning, people generally tend to lean towards the negative... and I think social media has somehow given fuel to this kind of thinking.

There is no comparison between the life of a rock star and an actor. If I could now, I would be a rock star within a blink of an eye. So as far as music is concerned, yeah, I might just go back to it, but don't want to be unfair to it. It requires its proper time and space.

Fans are half of an artiste... without someone to appreciate him, an artiste is nothing.

'Khoobsurat' introduced me to this huge, amazing audience so close to my home. In a lot of ways, it has changed my life, but the game keeps changing.

My kids are the light of my life.

Men are naturally barbarians, and that will remain forever. The passion, the love, and the lust is intensifying with time.

I self-taught myself music at 19-20.

I wanted to do animation, so for lack of available career counselling, took up Bachelor's in Computer Science, but managed to get only C grades.

I like playing characters in the real world.

I wish to direct someday.

I have been in love with my wife since I was 17. She has always been my strongest support. Even when I didn't have this fame, she was there.

It's a great feeling to be admired... what can I say? It's a warm, gooey feeling.

I've grown up watching cinema from around the world, and there are films that have scenes that are far steamier than what we are required to do on screen.

Television is a big platform for actors, and so many actors have made it to films from there. And for me, too, it has been a great transition from the small screen to the big screen.

I am an immature person, and I am very lazy, too.

I may have played romantic roles, but each character has been different, with his own personality.

I am the worst strategist ever.

Comfort and simplicity are two keys that I follow when it comes to fashion.