Puerto Rico is a powerful island.

We took Big Pun, a 700-lb Spanish guy, one of the greatest rappers ever, and made him a sex symbol. Women would wait on line to kiss him.

I'm addicted to food, so if you bring the cake and stuff to my house, I might walk by and take a swipe of icing and keep it moving. So what happens is I try to not keep it around.

I stay around the young boys in the studio; I want to learn from them, and at the same time, I have a lot to offer them.

If I could gain 1,000 pounds and be healthy, I would love to do that.

For artists, the majority of the money we make comes from us being on the road and touring.

Fat Joe ain't out here trying to battle-rap everybody in the world. That's not what I'm about.

Everything has to evolve. Music has to go somewhere. That's what keeps it fresh.

I was scared to fly for a long time.

Envision what the end result is supposed to be... what do you want to be when you grow up? Where do you see yourself? Once we identify what the painting on the wall is, it is so much easier to bring in the right colors, canvas and brushes to paint that picture.

I always loved being fat, obviously. I'm Fat Joe.

I come from nothing, and growing up, I really didn't have many people to inspire me, at least no good people to inspire me.

I'm just a human being. I'm from the projects, too.

J. R. Smith's incredible, man, just incredible off the bench.

We go after legacies because we just know that, sooner or later, people will understand what we bring to this culture and bring to the game.

Fat Joe is signed to Fat Joe. I have a distribution deal for my label. I'm independent. I'm very happy with that.

As a little kid, I watched hip hop get created. So it's an honour for me to represent the Bronx, the motherland of hip hop.

I don't rate Heat fans like I rate Knicks fans. We are true basketball fans. No matter what - rain, sleet or snow, or even if we don't make it to the playoffs for 10 years - the Garden stands are still full.

We're in the same ghettos, same inner cities, and we're suffering from the same problems. Every problem the blacks have, the Latinos have.

What I can tell you is that for Puerto Rico being such a small island, it has culturally impacted the entire world.

Donald Trump, you already know. We can't have that guy in office.

It feels as if I never get my just due.

Food is like a legal drug. You can take 50 cents and walk into the store and buy a Twinkie and get high. And it's killing people.

I was at a party New Year's Eve, and - no lie - at least 10 different people came up to me. One guy was like, 'I lost 30 pounds because of you.' So people just coming up to me. I don't know these people - random people.

I would love to coach. I'm not saying I'm qualified to do it in the N.B.A., but I would love to try.

I beefed with 50 Cent for seven years.

There's millions of gay people in the world. In 2011, you've got to hide that you're gay? Like, you know what I'm saying? Like, be real.

When I first started, I thought I was wack. Lyrically, I thought I was wack. The thing I had over everybody was that I was the realest rapper.

To be slandered the way I get slandered is really uncalled for, but life goes on.

Talking to people from the heart matters, and it's unfortunately something brands have forgotten about. Celebrity endorsement deals try to gain recognition for brands, but at their core, what matters is if the celebrity truly backs the brand.

I make hits.

We're just trying to make 'The Darkside' its own brand. It's Fat Joe, but it's 'The Darkside.' We come with 'Vol. 2,' make it crazier than 'Vol. 1.' By the time 'Vol. 3' come, we got a problem on our hands.

I'm trying to work, be diverse and multi-talented.

Biggie has been the logo for success, the logo for doing it big - from popping champagne, the ladies, the fashion.

I was really from the streets, and I really did hustle in a major way. When I got my record deal, I left the streets alone as far as hustling. I never, ever hustled again. I said, 'I'm gonna change my life, I'm going legit. This is where I'm at.'

When I introduce you to somebody, his name is Big Pun. When I introduce you to somebody, his name is DJ Khaled. When I introduce you to an artist, her name is Remy Ma. If I introduce you to somebody, it's Cool and Dre or Scott Storch - people who change the face of the game.

There's nothing I really believe about 50 Cent.

As U.S. citizens, Puerto Rico has paid their part.

The 'hood don't really wanna hear it, but you need brown rice, you need wheat bread, stuff like that.

Latinos finally have a genre of music that represents them, and they're supporting reggaeton in such huge numbers that people can't help but notice there's a revolution going on.

If you gay, you gay. Like, that's your preference, you know?

Your man Daddy Yankee, some black and white people who know what's going on in the 'hood and the clubs are supporting him and loving him. But he's speaking Spanish, and he's speaking directly to the Latino people, and the people who know the language really dig it.

Hector Lavoe is the greatest of all time. Marc Anthony is the second greatest.

MTV shows me love.

There are 3.5 million Americans in Puerto Rico. So, just like we're quick to go everywhere else and help, we expect that same of America for Puerto Rico. These are U.S. citizens!

The formula for a hit is saying what people want to hear.

Every ghetto you go to, Latinos and blacks are the two people that are together. We don't look at each other in any different way, like 'He's black; I'm Latino.' I look at us as one.

I ain't here to tell nobody what's right or what's wrong.

It's hard to have a boom-bap hip hop record that goes No. 1 in the country.