There's no reason to hide anything; there's just timeliness of age and what's appropriate.

Some people don't have the right surroundings to help get them through an experimental time or a tough time.

My grandma was a nurse, and she helped a lot of transgender clients, so growing up, I was very aware of that, and my family and I have always been very supportive of people going through this.

I do not associate with and I do not speak back to negativity.

It's good to be me.

I'm pretty feminine.

I have a lot of passion and experience with aesthetic surgery and look forward to helping men and women all over the world.

I just don't believe in joking about violence anymore.

I'm blessed with good genes, but I also love to look my best self.

There's bigger things to worry about than makeup.

A lot of my girlfriends are on Snapchat, and they were being scandalous with what they were showing on there. I keep it pretty simple. I give updates and share things.

If I'm ever concerned about something, I'll have security deal with it.

I'm pretty proud of the parent that I've become.

Not everyone's a perfect parent, but we do learn, and we grow from that. I'm not trying to be harsh on my family because it does make them sad to think back about how they used to be and some of their choices.

I don't really pay attention to much online.

'In the Making' reveals the truth about 'being in the limelight' as a young celebrity.

When your kids are 5 or 6, they already start playing with makeup. And I was the only mother in freakin' elementary school getting called in to deal with makeup on her daughter.

I'm very specific about the guys I don't like and what I'm not okay with.

I'm anything but a small-town girl. I have big, big dreams, and I plan on making them happen.

I get really upset when I'm around liars.

There are a lot of layers to me.

I really enjoyed watching the 'Being Farrah' special, and I think fans did, too.

I have always said, even before I ever did TV, that I have a very dramatic family.

I'm just about social justice. Amen to women like me!

I try to have all my songs relatable for my daughter in a fun and upbeat way that has a meaning.

I'm always sad.

I think Trump's gonna be a great president. And Hillary's a great woman too.

I definitely am done with as much drama as I can be done with. I don't think it helps me with any of my business endeavors or the things that I'm excited about.

Women should have equal rights to men, every day.

I really believe in sharing my story to improve social behaviors in the nation.

If I'm writing books, I'm a 'New York Times' bestseller - how do I do it all? I don't know.

I'm very proud, and God's blessed me with an amazing career.

I definitely have my own brand, and so I never, ever envision myself with anyone else's lips.

Even though I'm already successful and have a career, it is always good to have your eggs in more than one basket.

I'm very honest, and I show that.

By no means do we think, 'Oh, it's cool to be a teen mom.' I definitely don't think that it's cool.

I've crossed adulthood, and I feel like lots of people are fighting that.

When you go through the death of somebody who you care about, and taking on moving, bills, and a daughter, it makes you feel older. You learn a lot about life.

My 2016 New Year's resolution is basically to stop using profanity.

I think there's a lot of attractive black men.

I do like bikinis. I have a good body.

I've learned a lot from counseling and talking about the mistakes that I've made; I've understood why I made them.

I'm personally bored with all the hate and have a wonderful, healthy life with my daughter.

I hope that others can turn their negative thoughts into positive thoughts and improve their own lives.

I don't like people who smoke and have tattoos.

I think I'm pretty confident, and I know I'm different than everyone else, so I'm going to do what's me.

I would never go on an intimate date with Charlie Sheen. He is really not my type at all.

I'll just let people think what they would like to think, and that's fine, because it really doesn't infringe upon my life.

I've hated my nose since I was 13.