What can we take on trust in this uncertain life? Happiness, greatness, pride — nothing is secure, nothing keeps.

Yet censure strikes hard at women, while men, the true agents of trouble, hear no reproach.

O Zeus! why hast thou granted unto man clear signs to know the sham in gold, while on man's brow no brand is stamped whereby to gauge the villain's heart?

The man is happiest who lives from day to day and asks no more, garnering the simple goodness of life.

The wavering mind is but a base possession.

The hounds snap fierce at your heels. Turn toward Athens. I hear them pelting hard on you, I see black flesh and snake-hands coiling round a fruit of agonizing pain.

It's human; we all put self interest first.

Apollo, your voice hymned a justice I could not see clear, but all too clear the anguish you caused, the bloodhaunted, homeless future you've doled out.

She sings a dark destructive song.

Do not plan for ventures before finishing what's at hand.

So little cost to comprehend that what has long been lawful, over centuries, comes forever out of Nature.

You don't know what your life is, nor what you're doing, nor who you are.

To an old father, nothing is more sweet than a daughter. Boys are more spirited, but their ways are not so tender.

We understand and recognize what is good, but we do not labor to bring it to fulfillment, some of us out of laziness, some because we put something else, some pleasure, before virtue--and there are many pleasures in life, long conversations and indolence-that pleasing vice..

Luckier than one's neighbor, but still not happy.

Man's most valuable trait is a judicious sense of what not to believe.

Waste not fresh tears over old griefs.

They did attack our herds: you could have seen a woman pull a calf to pieces as it bellowed alive in her bare hands!

Oh where is the noble face of modesty, or the strength of virtue, now that blasphemy is in power and men have put justice behind them, and there is no law but lawlessness, and none join in fear of the gods?

He loves power. A terrible love.

Forgive, son; men are men; they needs must err.

We must not think too much: people go mad if they think too much.

Who can stop grief's avalanche once it starts to roll.

Impudence is the worst of all human diseases.

O what will she do, a soul bitten into with wrong?

Bear witness for one who is loved and not loved: we cast the cloak gently around her, an end of great woe for our house.

It would have been better far for men To have got their children in some other way, and women Not to have existed. Then life would have been good.

I am nothing but words, just a shape of dreams or night.

Yes, blood for blood, his bitter loan came due. He paid with death.

A sweet thing for whatever time to revisit in dreams the dear dad we have lost.

We would have to think the gods had no minds, to pray for murderers.

The man who would prefer great wealth or strength more than love, more than friends, is diseased of soul.

The gods visit the sins of the fathers upon the children.

There is one thing alone that stands the brunt of life throughout its course; a quiet conscience.

Real friendship is shown in times of trouble prosperity is full of friends.

Anger joined with thine age, is not wisdom.

There be many shapes of mystery; And many things God brings to be, Past hope or fear. And the end men looked for cometh not, And a path is there where no man thought. So hath it fallen here.

Not too little, not too much: there safety lies.

Danger gleams like sunshine to a brave man's eyes.

The lucky person passes for a genius.

Along with success comes a reputation for wisdom.

Love makes the time pass. Time makes love pass.

She needs a prophet's skill to sort out the man whose bed she shares.

I will storm the Gods and shake the Universe.

Do not consider painful what is good for you.

You gave birth to your own death.

What greater grief than the loss of ones native land.

All of us judge by sight and not by knowledge.

Ill-gotten wealth is never stable.