Conservation is important... water comes at a cost.

Ireland cannot become the collector general for the world. We can only tax on profits generated in the country here.

Down the country, people in rural areas are struggling to get a speed of even 1 MB, not much better than the old dial-up system we used to have when the system was in relative infancy.

We'll look after the people who create jobs and business and give them that opportunity to grow in the time ahead.

We have a very long legal system with the European Union, and we're English speaking.

I've often said it: that it is seen to be a place of energy, of excitement, of enthusiasm. That there's something about Ireland.

It is about time county councils got back into the business of providing houses.

Irish research will contribute to global progress and have the potential to help all countries realise the potential of their land sectors in addressing climate change - this means reducing emissions, adapting to impacts, and enhancing and improving carbon sinks.

By far, the greatest contribution Ireland can make is to lead by example, by actively pursuing its own transition to a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

The decision of a majority of people in the United Kingdom to vote to leave the European Union is profoundly disappointing.

I just think that the older you get, the more you appreciate the responsibility of politics.

I think - whether it's music, literature, sport, art, whatever you want - there's nobody who can stop us if we only apply ourselves with the singular objective of being the best in the world.

The revelations of the Cloyne report have brought the government, Irish Catholics, and the Vatican to an unprecedented juncture.

We've got enormous potential, phenomenal potential on our doorstep, which requires politics that makes that work, and that's what we try to show here in Ireland: that while there's a lot of pain, the reward at the end of this is career opportunities, prosperity, and brighter days for everybody.

Foreign investors like decisiveness; they like clarity. There isn't any confusion about Ireland's corporate tax rate: it is 12.5%. End of story.

I intend to serve a full term as Taoiseach.

COP 21 provides a unique opportunity for the political leaders of this generation to provide lasting foundations for the preservation and sustainability of generations of the future.

You need to talk to people, and you need to hear what it is they have to say.

For me, it is all about people having jobs, and that is why I make no apology for having focused relentlessly on employment and job creation.

People put dates on any kind of comment that you make.

The Seanad question was one element of a process of change and reform to politics that government has been pursuing.

We link our future to the euro, to the euro zone, and to the European Union while being the nearest neighbor of the United Kingdom with, obviously, a common travel area and a very close working relationship with the U.K.

I accept the verdict of the people.

I'm a big fan of Springsteen. Obviously, his social commentary is very powerful for me. I like his album 'The Rising.' It's not a new one, but it sticks in my mind because of what it says to me.

The lion's share of the damage to the Irish economy was the fault of domestic, economic, and financial mismanagement.

I didn't go on a campaign of developers asking, 'Please give me money.'

Rather than just saying, like, 'Your economy is the be all and end all,' I go back to my three roots that I've often said about this being best country for business, the best to raise a family in, and the best to grow old in with a sense of dignity and respect.

To me, the real opinion polls are the tangible facts: the growing creation of jobs, the number of planning permissions, the number of commercial vans being sold - the signs that the Irish people are regaining confidence.

Populist promises to reverse every tough decision are nothing but empty rhetoric, irresponsible leadership, and bad politics. They are not the solution to Ireland's problems.

Under no circumstances will I allow the Fianna Fail party back into government. They wrecked the economy twice.

My job starts at a quarter to seven in the morning, and you go right through until whatever time is necessary to finish up.

One of the key drivers of Ireland's future is our balance of trade surplus.

My job is to rectify the public finances and hand the country back to the people so they can really have a future, and that is what I will do.

Respectability in this country was a bad word because people did things who were in respected professions that let down the entire nation, and we're washing away their sins yet.

Building on our strong track record of supporting developing countries, including in areas like climate justice, human rights, gender and education, Ireland recognises that vulnerable communities need very considerable assistance in adapting to climate change.

My relationship with Alan Shatter is a professional relationship: obviously worked with him over the years, complimented him for his work as a reforming minister, and move on.

What I do like is action, achievements, and results. Getting things done.

The best recording is the one you bring with you in your mind.

I get on very well with Denis Naughten, absolutely.

Cloyne's revelations are heart-breaking.

It is the young people in whom I place my confidence because of their competence, because of their enthusiasm, because of their capacity to meet the frontiers that are changing every week.

The U.K. and Ireland are like-minded on E.U. matters, and the process of working together in Brussels has built an immense store of knowledge, personal relationships, and trust between our governments.

We need to work together towards a mutually beneficial solution for Ireland, the U.K., and for Europe.

If somebody says, 'I am a gay person, and I want to get married,' is their own family going to deny them that? Are our own fellow citizens going to deny them that?

My wife, Fionnuala, and I have been married for more than 20 years.

I don't take myself too seriously, but I take the job very seriously, and I expect people to do the job that they're given because this is about all our people, young and old, and it's an enormous responsibility.

The E.U. needs renewal, and we need a strong U.K. at the table to help to drive the reform agenda that can help the union regain competitiveness and growth.

For too long, Ireland has neglected its children.

Sometimes in politics, you get a wallop in the electoral process.