Nothing can be more infuriating than being forgiven over and over again.

I was glad Emerson was with me, and even happier that he had not suggested I remain behind. In this, as in all our adventures, we were equal partners. Few men could have accepted that arrangement. Emerson is a remarkable man. But then, if he had not been a remarkable man, I would not have married him.

Bless the ladies and their charming inconsistency! They demand to be treated like men, but they react like women.

The combination of physical strength and moral sincerity combined with tenderness of heart is exactly what is wanted in a husband.--Ameila Peabody.

Many persons lead lives of crushing boredom.

I always carry the book of Holy Writ...and something to read...

Burckhardt fumbled through his notes. Dakin and.

So now you have it. The plot, the whole plot, and nothing but the plot.

The trouble with unknown enemies is that they are so difficult to identify.

I had refused Emerson's well-meant offers of assistance, knowing his efforts would be confined to moving the furniture to the wrong places and demanding how much longer the process would take.

It is a misconception that the innocent sleep well. The worse a man is, the more profound his slumber; for if he had a conscience, he would not be a villain. When.

No man but Emerson would have considered walking across the fields in full evening kit, much less expect me to trail my red satin skirts and lace ruffles through the dirt; but Emerson is unique. When he behaves irrationally it is necessary to be firm with him.

What kind of housekeeping do you call this, Peabody?' I pointed out the injustice of the charge in a few brisk but well-chosen words. Emerson mopped his brow. ‘Pardon my language, Peabody. It has been a trying morning. And now this!

Sometimes the characters develop almost without your knowing it. You find them doing things you hadn't planned on, and then I have to go back to page 42 and fix things. I'm not recommending it as a way to write. It's very sloppy, but it works for me.

There are too many people in the world as it is, but the supply of ancient manuscripts is severely limited.

Men are frail creatures, of course; one does not expect them to exhibit the steadfastness of women.

A woman's instinct, I always feel, supercedes logic.

Nefret was still pouting when Emerson helped her into the carriage. Emerson did not observe the pout. He would not have observed it (men being what they are) even if something had not distracted him.

Mmmmm. Chris!

The secret of happiness is to enjoy the moment, without allowing unhappy memories or fear of the future to shadow the shining present.

I have always been of the opinion that your successes are due not so much to your medical skill as your dogged determination. No one would have the audacity to die when you are doctoring them.

If she hasn't learned to appreciate my sterling character and spectacular good looks by this time, it's not likely she will.

I fink it is a femuw. A femuw of a winowcowus... A a-stinct winocowus.

For some reason his parents had a low opinion of his common sense.

It is much more sensible to be an optimist instead of a pessimist, for if one is doomed to disappointment, why experience it in advance?

The current fashions are impractical for an active person. Skirts so tight one must toddle like an infant, bodices boned so firmly it is impossible to draw a deep breath…. And bustles! Of all the idiotic contrivances foisted upon helpless womankind, the bustle is certainly the worst.

I felt obligated by friendship as well as duty to make certain they were comfortably housed. Since men seem to measure comfort by the degree of dirt and confusion that prevails, I deduced that they were very comfortable.

Someone was certainly guilty of something, however, and it behooved us to take all possible precautions.

His masculinity was only too apparent.

Sekhmet crawled onto Ramses's lap and began to purr. 'The creature oozes like a furry slug,' said Ramses, eyeing it without favor.

There is nothing more abominable than being in a state of bodily exhaustion and mental irritation; I was too lethargic to get up and seek some means of occupying my mind, but I was too uneasy to fall asleep.

When, oh when will justice and reason prevail, and Woman descend from the pedestal on which Man has placed her (in order to prevent her from doing anything except standing perfectly still) and take her rightful place beside him?

But the dust! And the clutter! My housewifely and scholarly instincts were equally offended.

I am not at all alarmed, I said calmly. Except for your friend's health. He seems about to have a fit. Is he commonly subject to weakness of the brain? The.

I myself have no objection to comfort so long as it does not interfere with more important activities.

Lady Baskerville paced up and down wringing her hands. She required only an armful of weedy flowers to make a somewhat mature Ophelia.

The only people who are not in awe of Emerson's powerful voice and well-nigh superhuman strength are the members of his own family. He is aware of this, and often complains about it; so from time to time I like to put on a little show of being intimidated. 'Proceed, my dear,' I said apologetically.

I have learned that particularly clever ideas do not always stand up under close scrutiny.

Nefret said with a gusty sigh, 'Well, that's done it. We may as well join in, Ramses, family arguments are the favorite form of amusement here and this looks like being a loud one.

No, no, you needn't slap me; I am not at all hysterical.

I would never have supposed that inexperienced girl was capable of such cold-blooded, calculating manipulation!

The cat required far less attendance than a human child, which is one of the reasons why spinster ladies prefer felines to babies.

We all know how ruthlessly these American millionaires crush their rivals as they climb to power.

I couldn't help overhearing, he went on. Grrr, said Emerson. (I assure you, there is really no other way of reproducing this sound.) Honestly.

Marriage, in my view, should be a balanced stalemate between equal adversaries.

I do, however, think it would be difficult to write books I don't like to read.

God help the poor mummy who encounters you, Peabody. We ought to suply it with a pistol, to even the odds.

You must win the respect of your subordinates by treating them with absolute fairness. Of course it helps to have an inherently dominant personality and a character both strong and just, commanding and yet tolerant...

Most men are reasonably useful in a crisis. The difficulty lies in convincing them that the situation has reached a critical point.