I cannot penetrate the soul of Arafat. I cannot know in advance whether, behind all the masks, he's the kind of leader who can reach an agreement or whether he wants to be the Moses of the Palestinians, staying in front of the river and not crossing into the promised land.

Israel fits into the zeitgeist of our era. It is true that there are demographic threats to its existence. That is why a separation from the Palestinians is a compelling imperative.

An independent, strong, thriving and peaceful State of Israel is the vengeance of the dead.

Who can guarantee that if we allow the Palestinians to establish a state, we won't find rockets there as well, half a mile from the airport or 10 miles from Tel Aviv?

The Middle East is a region where predictions go to die.

I became a prime minister within four-and-a-half years, the shortest kind of career ever in Israeli political history.

Iran poses the most serious long-term threat to regional stability.

I am the Israeli leader who met most with Arafat.

I'm not afraid of elections. I've won every election I've fought in.

I don't do anything to impress anyone, quite successfully I can tell you.

Yes, the world is short of perfect.

I hope any government formed in Egypt will understand there is no choice but to maintain the framework of international agreements, which include the peace agreement with Israel.

The Labor party under my leadership is working to bring the Israeli people together from all nationalities in the spirit of the scroll of independence.

International legitimacy is a fundamental source of power for Israel nowadays.

In Israel, generally speaking, politics is much more familiar than any other place. We all know each other.

I think first of all that Iran is a problem for the whole world.

There is a perception across the Middle East that America is weakened. I believe the perception is wrong. The United States remains the world's mightiest military, economic and diplomatic power by far, with reach and abilities beyond rival.

Assad wanted Israel to capitulate in advance to all his demands. Only then would he agree to enter into substantive negotiations. I couldn't agree to this.

The aim of the Palestinian terror is not just to kill Israelis but also to break the will of Israeli society in order to dictate a political solution. Israel should never yield to this terror campaign.

I don't hate people. I just accept missions.

I'm not a tycoon or anything like that. Does my property amount to several million dollars? Of course it does.

Israel always has a special filter to look at things, and that is the attitude toward Jews.

I know that I am absolutely reliable. Absolutely.

There is a thin line between peace of the brave and peace of the hostage... between compromise - even calculated risk - and irresponsibility and capitulation.

I will not discuss future hypothetical situations.

I tend not to believe radical Muslim movements.

History never repeats itself in the same way.

I respect General Halutz very much so.

Toward the Palestinians, Israel can only give. But when dealing with the entire Arab world, Israel can get a lot.

I don't think that the Iranians, even if they got the bomb, they're going to drop it immediately on some neighbor. They fully understand what might follow. They're radical, but not total mishuginas.

Leadership can change its mind; leadership can open its eye. Leadership can even be replaced.

I believe President Obama means everything he says about sticking to the unprecedented backing of Israel and keeping all options on the table against Tehran, as well as countering its adventures in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq.

The Islamization process in Arab countries is very disturbing.

There is a need to accept a limited disruption of civil liberties in order to penetrate terror.

When an army doesn't want to fight, you don't need much experience to win.

I fought against Palestinians. I saw them.

They say in the Middle East a pessimist is simply an optimist with experience.

I am confident the Obama administration will work professionally with any Israeli government.

Israel is the strongest nation in the Middle East, but we have to apply our strength wisely.

The Syrian rebels, weakened by infighting, have also been victims of the growing rift between the U.S. and its closest Arab allies.

Iran sees India, China, Pakistan and, allegedly, Israel around them with nuclear weapons.

Israel is much more effective when the Israelis are convinced that we are on the moral high ground: that we are acting not just out of might, but also out of right.

If I were a Palestinian of the right age, I'd eventually join one of the terrorist organizations.

Israel's secret services are allowed to profile.

Once Iraq becomes a nuclear power, the very decision to go to war against it would become a totally different ball game.

Hezbollah will support Assad to the end because his continuing hold on power is critical to its own survival.

Since the Six-Day War, the whole world, which is the real arena of battle between us and the Palestinians, believes that Israel is right in regard to procedure, namely problems and disputes should be solved around the negotiating table.

Israel will continue to act proactively to prevent the transfer of heavy missiles or advanced air defense systems from Syria to Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, which, of course, carries the risk of a military showdown.

The first intifada, I was then commander of Central Command, commanding the West Bank, basically. And I know to what extent the first intifada was a popular uprising.