Just because it's a break doesn't mean it has to be fast all the time. It can be a secondary break, but you've got to allow the defense to break down.

When I do things, I'm all-in.

When the ball isn't in my hands, I'm already scanning for where the next pass is going.

The fans at Quicken Loans Arena are pretty hostile. They say nasty things.

Playing point guard is someone's instincts. They're used to that. That's my instincts.

Everyone wonders why I talk junk, but I was doomed from the beginning.

Every time you make a jump, whether it's from high school to college or college to the NBA, you're going to hear questions about your athletic ability.

It's the way of life in Saginaw. If you're not tough, you don't survive.

I think Coach Kerr and his staff have done a great job with what they bring to the table.

My fire is my gift and my curse. I harness it 95% of the time, but the 5% I don't, it works against me.

I've never been a guy who has said 'OK' about stuff. That's not me. That's not my personality. If I think something's wrong, I express that.

Are you going to back down to somebody? If not, you're giving yourself a chance.

There are certain guys in the league that get their rhythm off their dribble.

I had a great time at Michigan State, but no four years will compare to Saginaw High.

I have the mindset of a mid-level guy or a minimum guy. My path here wasn't expected: my path wasn't that I was going to the NBA and making $16 million a year. So I identify more with those guys, and I want to be a voice for them. I want to help them elevate their status in the league. That's my goal.

I'm blessed. I get to play the game I love for a living and make a lot of money doing it.

No matter what, no matter how I feel, always bring effort.

No one is going to tell me I'm too small to do whatever, to do anything. That's not up to them, and I'll never give anyone that power to say that.

My uncle, my dad always made sure I had guard skills. But as far as defending everybody, that wasn't really my mindset until my rookie year.

I'm not going to worry about proving people wrong. My goal isn't to prove people wrong. You can't worry about what other people say.

Be remembered for the right things.

A guy that's going to do all of the dirty work, that guy that is willing to defend anyone and do the little things and not really care about all of that other stuff. I think every championship team needs that.

Wherever you go in Michigan, you find that toughness. I don't know if it's the weather or the hard times. It's like, if I can make it out of here, I had to be super tough.

I grew up in a household where my mom made $16,000 a year. I know the struggle. I know how to keep those things in perspective, and I do keep it into perspective.

I always loved playing basketball. That was never a problem for me. You want to go to the park or the gym, I'll play with you all day, but working out, I didn't love. I hated it.

I tell guys all the time, you see me messing up, get at me. I want you to get at me.

You see the guys sign the big contract, you see everybody on TV, but you don't see all the work that goes into that. It's a grind. And a lot of people don't see that grind.

Bogut - I wouldn't be the defender I am without Bogut. He taught me a ton. Angles. How to guard the post. You name it, he taught me a ton.

I'm a huge fan of basketball. Any time you get a chance to watch basketball, I do it.

Everything can't be sweet. Everything can't be peaches and cream.

I think complacency is what you allow it to be.

I'm blessed, and... all the time, I sit and think, 'Wow.'

I have friends in prison. I send them money. I send them food. They say, 'Bro, get me out of here.' There's nothing I can do. They're five years in on a 20-year sentence. They went in at 16, they'll get out at 36. That's a lifetime.

One thing I've always been taught at the defensive end is you hit first. In life, you throw the first punch; you don't get punched first. It's the same on defense: You've got to hit first. Do your work early. That's what I was always taught. If you don't do your work early, you're done.

I'm going to be more critical of myself than anyone could ever be.

Every year, I strive to be the best defensive player in the league.

Sometimes it's tougher against bad teams because you can't really get a read on them.

I will not feel like I've made it until the day I retire from basketball because there's something that I can always get better at, and there's always somebody better, and that's what drives me.

So many times, I watch games and think, 'Man, why is that guy trying to score like that? He can't do it.' But he's been told his whole life, 'You have to go get 40 if you want to be one of the top dogs.' It's my goal to build a lane where you can be a top dog, and you don't gotta go get that 40. You can go get four and still be a top dog.

I wouldn't necessarily say I'm arrogant. I'm just confident.

I think when you look around this league, so much is scripted. And not scripted in a sense that the league is scripted, but when guys talk, it's like, 'Say this. Yeah, come out and say that.' Like, nah, I'm not doing that. I'm going to say what's on my mind. I'm going to say what's on my heart. It's just genuine speaking.

I can throw all the good passes I want, but if they don't make shots, it's not an assist.

You couldn't play if you weren't tough. You'd get bullied. Everybody who comes through the Civitan Recreation Center has to be tough. It's what we breed.

When I came out in the draft, people kept asking me, 'So are you a small forward or a power forward?' and I was like, 'I'm a basketball player.' Period.

A person who can go out and get 40 is going to get a lot more respect than somebody who goes out and holds somebody to two points. It's just the nature of the game. It doesn't bother me.

I just go out and play my game. Just making sure I keep doing those little things, like playing with toughness, that's just me.

At the end of the day, I continue to think I can get better, and that's always my focus.

I love playing basketball. And to be able to continue to play as a job, that's the best to me.

What's my status? I'm just a guy from Saginaw, Michigan, trying to make it. But you know, pretty nice crib.