My daily routine is set: I wake up and go for gymnastics, then dance class, gym, and come back home. That's my life. I am very boring.

It was a very big decision when I decided to leave B. Tech to come to Mumbai. But they were always supportive. At one point, I felt I shouldn't do it. My mother encouraged me then.

I could never imagine myself acting in front of a camera or doing anything in front of the camera. I was a very shy girl.

I don't think I am an icon. My team works hard on my look; I just wear what they suggest.

I grew up with a sister and a younger brother in a house where every evening was spent performing a dance routine in front of our parents with my sister.

I have a professional life, and so does the media. Let's face it: how can they come up with new gossip every day? So, they have to make stuff up about someone's personal life, which is fine.

Fashion is being 'you.' It is a form of expression.

I want to be a part of 'Avengers'; they can make me the Hulk! I want to do a superhero film.

Modelling is completely different from acting. They are two skills that you can't compare.

Frankly, I am boring. My life is all about the film set, gym classes, and home.

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, but I'm not a very competitive person.

I don't really wear sarees and suits.

I like dancing but not in crowded clubs. I would rather dance alone than go to a club.

People may say different things about Noida, but I had fun when I was staying there.

My house was a place where there was no difference between being a boy or a girl.

It doesn't matter if I am the lead or a man is the lead actor in a film. What really matters to me is that I give my 100 per cent to my job.

From being a nobody in the industry to getting so much love, it has been an amazing journey.

Anything that is related to my work will affect me. If someone tells me they didn't like my performance, it will affect me.

I think colouring your hair is the best way to get a new look.

I was more of a commercial model. I wasn't into ramp walks or photo shoots.

I am not a very complex person. I believe in simplicity.

I think diet plays an important role before any beauty and skincare regime. Taking care of what you eat and drinking lots of water throughout the day always come first.

I understand that you cannot always be on the top or be the best.

He is one of the finest and kindest human beings I have come across. When you meet him, you will understand why he is the Jackie Chan. It's not just for his work but also the kind of person he is.

I look forward to being part of the ASUS family and its fascinating growth journey in India.

I am a very shy and closed person. I stay in my house. The only time I go out is for award functions and maybe interviews. Because, this is part of my profession and I have to do it. Otherwise, I stay in my house or attend some classes.

I'm constantly working towards my personal improvement.

I am mostly concerned about the script. If I get something that excites me, I will do it.

Priyanka Chopra has made a huge impact on me.

I have to think a thousand times before I speak. If I am myself and end up saying one wrong thing, there will be 1,000 negative tweets about me.

If I am writing down something and it is my idea, my imagination, it won't be fact.

Every time I do a film, I have to make sure that when someone looks at me, they can't recognise Disha. It has to be a character. I want to do strong roles.

Sometimes you don't have to say anything. Silence speaks it all.

I was always into sports, and as a sportsperson, you need to be fit to survive and play from start to finish.

I don't attend film parties; I am anti-social. I don't drink, also. Because I don't go out, I don't know what's happening gossip-wise.

My father made me very tough.

In Bollywood, on an average, movies are made in six months or a year, but Puri completed 'Loafer' in two months.

I think I am very anti-social.

Jackie Chan is the best storyteller on this planet.

I don't understand this concept of women-oriented films or stories based on women, because nobody uses the term, a 'man-oriented' film. Why do you have to separate girls from boys?

I am very selfish when it comes to choosing a film. There is no strategy as such; I take up anything that gives me a kick.

I got the opportunity, and I grabbed it, and slowly, I started finding a lot of interest in acting.

It is very difficult for me to accept the fact that I am acting in front of the camera.

Since childhood, my mother made sure I oiled my hair and conditioned them properly every week. I still follow that regimen. Plus, I have naturally good quality hair.

I am very selfish when it comes to work, and I only care about work.

I love Priyanka Chopra mainly because she is a self-made woman.

I wake up, go for dance class, and do the same things that I used to do. I am very asocial. I don't go out too often.

I have never planned anything. 'Kung Fu Yoga' was also never planned or anything.

I am fine because somebody's opinion can't become my reality.