When I was really young, I used to lie a lot. Now I get paid to do it.

I started tweeting with the first film I directed. I found it the best way to promote it and to connect to the audience, and since then, it's been very helpful.

I always wondered why there weren't any films about Cesar Chavez. There are movies about other civil rights leaders in this country, but why not Chavez?

No makeup can substitute for faces that have actually been under the sun.

When I was 12, I used to be the best friend of the most beautiful girls, but just the best friend. They would always come to me to cry about a guy who broke their heart, and I would just be sitting there thinking, 'I wish I was the guy and not the best friend.'

Film can be a tool for change; it can start a debate.

We consumers have to send a message every day of what we want and what we don't.

My first son was born in Los Angeles; he's a Mexican-American.

The first time I heard the Mars Volta, I had a feeling I was experiencing something that people must have felt when they first heard Led Zeppelin. They have the same kind of power.

When I was a teenager, I went on an organised three-day tour of Rome. It was the worst experience ever. I promised myself that I would never travel like that again, with someone telling you what to see and what not to see.

We live in a classist, racist, homophobic society into which we are very assimilated, that's all. I'm not really proud about that.

Julio Cesar Chavez is the most important sporting figure we have ever had.

I connect much more with theatre actors than with cinema actors - insofar as you can speak of 'cinema actors' in Mexico, because there isn't a big film industry.

In Mexico, this idea that fathers go away is really deeply accepted because, for so long, so many men have had to leave to work in the United States.

I've got two young children, so holidays are not the same as they used to be. There are now two types: family holidays and holidays you need from that holiday.

Sadly, there are a lot of ignorant people that have access to a microphone.

I enjoy working with actors so much and having the chance to be surprised by them.

It's tough to say where I live. There are some bills that get to the house in L.A., some to the house in Mexico, and some to the house of my father - so I never lose track of those.

The first fight I ever saw live was the first Castillo-Corrales match in Las Vegas in 2005.

I hope we see more stories where the heroes are real heroes, real people that don't need weapons or super powers to change people's lives.

When I was growing up in the theater there were all these amazing girls telling me about the guy who broke their heart. And I was always wishing that it was me.

'Abel' is about the father I don't want to be and the boy I used to be.

With many things in life, you're there because there's a cute girl around that you want to go out with, and you end up finding magic. You end up not caring about the girl but wanting to stay there because of what you found. That happened with 'Amarcord' to me.

Cinema is a mirror that can change the world.

In a movie, you work three months to tell a story that happens in two hours. In a Mexican soap opera, you work one day to make a story that's an hour and a half. So you can see the difference in the quality of the project.

You have to accept who you are in order to make someone happy and be happy.

Directors should be paid for promising impossible things.

I'm always going to be working on my English, and I'm always going to work on my English so that I can do different characters from different nationalities.

I grew up watching cinema in my country that wasn't telling stories about us, and we had to find a way to connect, and our references, our role models had nothing to do with us. And I'm so glad that it's changing.

We have to accept the world has become this place where we have to interact with people who are very different from us.

The life of Cesar Chavez is a story that must be told. He was a man who dedicated his life to accomplishing change in a community that really needed it. He helped a community that was being poorly treated by instilling confidence and providing them with dignity.

I wish parents at the end would think a little bit about how everything we do affects the lives of our kids and defines who they're going to be.

I was six when I started working in theater. I chose to be an adult before I should be.

As consumers, we are making choices,and we allow things to exist, and we celebrate the existence of things. And we can also boycott those things we don't want to be part of.

Becoming a father is the biggest change you go through in life - at least that I've gone through in life.

We should be talking about celebrating our differences, understanding that those differences make us richer and stronger.

Many of my favourite hotels are in London. I like the Covent Garden Hotel and I stayed at Blakes last time I was in London. I like the feeling of warmth and homeliness that you get from both of those places.

I don't want to do a history lesson. I don't think cinema should be about that. Cinema should be about emotions.

I was the happiest kid ever, but I did choose to live around adults and today, now that I have a kid, I don't know if I would let him do it.

I saw 'A New Hope' on my Vidamax because I came a little late to the party.

There is no success you can celebrate more than the success of a brother.

You don't want everyone to know everything about you.

The nice thing about my job is that it allows me to look deeper into issues and then tell stories with that information.

Acting is therapy. It keeps you in contact with your feelings.

In film, normally what happens is that not many people work more than once. Normally, it breaks couples. It doesn't make them.

I don't have this feeling like, 'Oh, I want to live in the United States and make movies and become famous just because the money is here.' I like to make movies that tell stories that I care about.

Since 'Y Tu Mama Tambien,' I started to spend a lot of time in the United States, and my son was born there.

In Mexico, you need to be a bulldog to make a movie because everything is set up for you to go back home and get depressed and not do the movie.

You don't want to disappoint anybody, but you know, you lose your voice by trying to please everyone.