I always wanted to win. Everyone has a bit of that in them, but I have even more of a will to win. Sometimes I might go overboard, whereas there are others who, yes, they want to win, but if they don't, it's no big deal for them.

I don't pick tournaments to score or rivals or other teams to score against. I'm a striker: every game I play, I want to score.

Chelsea's fans love me a lot, even more than in Atletico. Figure that!

On the pitch, I will always be like that. That's my character, and I will always compete and compete - always. I'm a different guy off the pitch, as you can see, but on the pitch, I will not change.

In England, the referees don't call many fouls, as opposed to Spanish football. Consequently, you must be really strong all through the 90 minutes.

I don't like losing. I don't like to be in a losing position, and I show this a lot. I demonstrate on the pitch.

You can run 20km, 80, 100, and if there's no spirit between the players, the coaches, as colleagues, it won't come out as well.

You always have to know that you are going to leave everything on the pitch, every drop of sweat, to help the team win the game.

Atletico know I have a special feeling for the team. I lived the best moment of my career there.

In Brazil, if you have a son, the first thing you give him is a football. That's the first gift - so my dad was no different.

I think it's really important for managers to be liked by his players because ultimately, on the pitch, those players will give everything for their manager.

I can accept defeat, but I love to win and be competitive. It is my job, and I love it.

I'd rather have someone who tells me straight up what happens rather than sweet things that I want to hear.

I want to be on the pitch, and I want to be cool.

I don't think I am the type of person who thinks, 'I dunno. Things are getting on top of me.' It's not that I think I'm any different to most people. I always make a big effort, to fight with all my strength, make the best of a situation, and always want to win.

I'm just like that: I just always try to win, to get better, do my best, and it always annoys me to lose.

I will not change unless my manager or the people from my club or my supporters tell me.

If you ask a million players who they would want as manager, they will come back with a top three list of Mourinho, Pep Guardiola, or Diego Simeone.

It's important to keep winning games.

You know when you have a manager that is always successful, is always in the title race and always playing in the Champions League.

I have always seen Drogba as the example to follow in terms of a centre-forward. He was strong and scored loads of goals, and he was a quality player.

If I change in any way, I'm not going to be the same player.

I thought it was very important to keep growing with Atletico and to play there for many years.

I never complained about my teammates, and I have to thank them because they always supported me and never allowed me to give up.

If you pinpointed someone before the kick-off, probably you would become embroiled in a fight, and you would be distracted from what really matters and not play well.

The truth is I'm fairly relaxed.

Football is my life, and I cannot imagine myself doing anything other than playing this game.

Don't put wings on me; I am no angel.

As we say, finals are not to play them, they are to win them.

I train all week just to play for 90 minutes. I love playing games, and so during those 90 minutes, it's always 100 per cent.

There are managers who always say what people want to hear. I think that's not good.

The key for me is to score goals and win trophies.

Sometimes I even tell my relatives and my friends that I get a lot of love from the fans, and I'm not sure if it's deserved.

Goals are what count for me. It's not about a battle with defenders. Fighting hard, giving everything and working hard on the field you have to combine with the goals you score. It doesn't matter if defenders want to battle with me or not; I will just be trying to do my job as well as I possibly can.

A season is very long, and there will be periods where you'll be very good and moments where you won't be as good.

Always, when things don't go the way that everyone expects, people - the supporters as well - always look for someone to blame. In some cases, they blame the players.

The bottom line is that sometimes the little things I do on the pitch provoke exaggerated reactions.

I want to win and always have done since I was small. I don't know if it's in my blood or just my personality.

It's important to be right physically.

Do I enjoy the aggression of English football? No. I like to play football. I like to score goals. I like to do things well.

I'm no angel. You can see that. But every time I play, I will play the same way because that's the way I am.

I haven't done great things for Spain - I can't lie - but when I play well, they should say so. They criticise me for my character, but I also have quality.

I look back, and I know what I left behind in Lagarto when I pursued my own dream.

You just have to be prepared because in the Premier League, you are not always going to have more than once chance to score. When it comes your way, you have to be ready to take that chance. If you're not calm, you know it might not come again.

I grew up thinking a bit of pushing and shoving was completely normal. Then I suddenly learned that if you kick another player, you get in trouble. Nobody had ever reprimanded me for that before.

I always commit myself to the teams I play for and always want to win. I hate losing. It's just that, at times, I go about things the wrong way, and that created problems.

My mindset is always to be victorious, to win the match.

When we go to the pitch, that's all we want to do - we want to win - and when the game finishes, if you win, you go home happy.

The best way to attack is to defend well.