You can change a person's life in an instant; put him in a movie, and you start thinking differently, you want to be in another movie. It's like an addiction almost.

As far as carrying the American banner, you just do what's right for the kids.

I had seen 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' and I thought that was a different kind of film than I'd seen before, with that kind of editing and slick camera movements.

I don't like to be talked into anything. I don't want to be cajoled.

I have - and you gotta believe this - hardly ever met anybody in Hollywood who's not nice. There are some people I don't like, but everybody has been very nice.

My mother and sisters cooked Italian food, and I never heard of half of the dishes you see in these Italian restaurants. I just go in and order spaghetti.

I think first impressions are important when you pick up a script.

I think all actors are supposed to be character actors.

I've taken up golf... or golf has taken me up.

Vince or Brad or Benicio would say, Maybe we should try this, and Guy was open to changes.

I'd love to do a Western. A real Western like John Ford used to do. There's not too many of them made, so I don't know if I'll ever get to do that. They're awfully hard movies to make.

I like working. I like getting up every morning and going somewhere. Where I do it or what form doesn't matter.

You really have to act on the force, too. You're involved in a hundred things a day, and you have to react in a hundred different ways, depending on what's going on. And you learn that as you go through your career, how you handle certain situations, interrogations, how you carry yourself. There's a kind of acting to it.

I think there is something very nice about going to work to try to make people laugh.

The cast was huge, but I never saw anybody.

Maybe it's because I was too much reality, but I'm not interested in seeing too much reality anymore. I'd rather watch a Dean Martin concert and let the world go by.

There's a whole catalogue of actors that never went to acting school.

I'm very lucky. I'm the most fortunate guy that I know.

When I first got into acting, I never had any long-term goals, never had any plan. I just thought it would be a good way to make some extra money.

I love England and the historical aspect of it.

When I was younger, I watched all the detective shows.

I never jumped into anything, and I never liked being cajoled into anything. I've pretty much always done things because I wanted to do them.

I don't need to see the old school to remember it and the teachers there. They changed the way that I've always looked at life and learning.

For some reason or another, 'Richard Diamond, Private Eye,' still sticks out in my mind. I don't think I particularly liked that show, but for some reason, he sticks in my mind.

When I was a kid going to the movies, we'd go because Bogart was in the movie, or Cagney, or John Wayne. We didn't know what the story was about or anything.

I have no message or answers to social questions.

I realize that no one is going to come to me and ask me to be Julius Caesar or a romantic lead, but I think I'm a certain type of guy who looks a certain way, and that's just the reality of things.

I live my life. And the best place to do that is Chicago.

I'm set in my own ways. I like to do the things I want to do when I want to do them.

It was a great time, and I liked the guys. I liked getting up every morning and being a cop.

My friends are still the guys I met 40 or 50 years ago.

I didn't fall for a lot of that stardom stuff.

I learned a long time ago: You're in the entertainment business. You're not in the reality business. One has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

The British have slang words, as we do, but it was fun.

I've tried writing. Two days later I'd go visit it and say, Jesus Christ, who wrote this crap?

Car chases usually don't involve major criminals - they're usually guys afraid of getting another traffic ticket.

We know television should educate and inform, and I believe it should entertain.

When I first started out acting, I didn't have anything to lose. I had another career. If I fell on my face, I could say, 'I'll see ya,' and go back to working.

I'm just a character actor.

This is my first experience working in a foreign movie, but the mechanics, I think, are pretty much the same all over; you still have to wait in the trailer.

This isn't the most handsome face in the world, and there are a lot of younger guys out there, but I keep hanging in there.

I wasn't so sure about signing up for 'Law & Order.' I liked the show, but another TV series? I'll tell you, though, it's been great, and I had no idea how popular the show was.

You can't act for the editing. You have to leave that to him. So you just go in and do the scene the way you think is right or whatever you're directed to do, and leave the rest of that technical stuff up to the director.

In the kind of roles I do, you can do them and walk away from it and have a really nice time.

My parents, I don't know about 'strict,' but I would say they were fair and judicious, you know?

I read the script and try not to bring anything personal into it. I make notes, talk to the director and we decide what kinds of shades should be in the character.

Sometimes you can take those dramatic roles and maybe interject a little humor into them, and I think the reverse also works.

Everybody wants to look in the mirror and see Cary Grant looking back at them, but that's just not the case.

Acting is a work in progress for me. I just try to keep my mouth shut and my eyes and ears open, especially with the people I've worked with.