I do believe, whenever this is all said and done, we won't talk about Mickey Gall, the guy that beat CM Punk; we'll just talk about Mickey Gall, the guy who is a top 10 fighter, a good welterweight or maybe a great welterweight.

My confidence comes from me, not from Jon Jones. I can't draw my confidence from another person.

You don't see many Jon Jones's.

I will tell you with 100 percent confidence, Jon Jones is not deep in my head. The fact he actually thinks that, it makes me smile every day.

A lot of people want to discredit me.

I'm not a guy that really likes to pile onto somebody. Doesn't really matter who it is.

I'm so bad at baseball, I can't even hit now.

Legacy does matter to me, and I want to leave a good one in MMA.

I've dealt with a lot in my life.

I've always had a chip on my shoulder. It kind of drives me. It's something that allows me to train harder, train longer, work better.

I want to be regarded as the best guy in the world, and I want to beat the best guy in the world.

My confidence comes from my fights and my training.

You've got to be all-in on this sport; you can't be one foot out the door.

I had a really dark time after the Olympic Games... But then I said to myself, 'This is a sport that's blessed me with a home, with an education, with some money. I can't hate this sport. This sport took me out of Louisiana. This sport gave me a chance when so many people don't get a chance. And I love this sport.'

I'm not nervous standing with anyone.

I love Mike Tyson. I was a fan, as everybody else was. The moment somebody stood up to him, he didn't do so well. And that's the same thing with Anthony Johnson. The guy's a bully. He wants to intimidate you; he wants to dominate you. He wants to knock you out. But what happens when you don't knock somebody out? What happens?

When you start fighting, when your dream is to be the champion of the world, when you accomplish that, you don't feel lost. It doesn't hinder you. It only helps.

I went and worked at a TV station in Stillwater. I was actually account manager for commercial accounts, selling ad space and everything.

You have to be very vocal about being willing to fight anyone.

People like to call themselves fans of fighting and fans of the sport, but if you're a fan of fighting, how can you not like watching Demetrious Johnson? He's the best at it. He's the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world. Why wouldn't you enjoy watching that guy perform? He does a phenomenal job every time he's in there.

I think Mickey Gall's going to be really good.

I think after I beat Ryan Bader, he should have to go get beat up by Anthony Johnson for being so disrespectful to Anthony Johnson.

My low center of gravity allows me to defend takedowns a lot better than most people. It's very hard to get to my legs. It's going to be really hard to take me down. There are a lot of positives to being my size.

My little girl's in Heaven. She's my angel, and I can draw from that.

Wrestling is a hard sport, but it's only a sport.

My resume, my career, and my legacy in this sport means more to me then collecting some checks.

It's like I cannot separate myself from Jon Jones.

When I came into the gym, I wasn't just some guy. I was a two-time Olympian.

Ovince Saint Preux needs to know that not only me but every other guy at the American Kickboxing Academy are ready and open to open those doors in trying to help him accomplish his goals.

At the end of the day, I'm a man.

I don't mind Ryan Bader thinking he deserves a title shot.

I'm confident in my team. I'm confident in my coaches. I'm confident in my ability. I worked really hard to become a better mixed martial artist.

You can love me, you can hate me, but just don't be indifferent. Care about it enough to watch.

When I said I could beat Alexander Gustafsson in a standup fight, people laughed at me. They thought, 'No way.' But I believe in what I'm seeing every day.

In my opinion, whenever you get two guys who want to fight each and two guys who want to be in a good fight, you let them fight.

It's all matchups, and I knew that I matched up well against 'Rumble' Johnson.

Who I have fought and how I have fought, it says something about me.

Throughout my entire life, I've always been a captain. I was the captain of my high school team. I was the captain at Oklahoma State University. I was the captain of the 2008 Olympic team.

You don't quit after you get beat. You pick yourself up, and you start rebuilding to accomplish your goals.

How can you train if you're constantly worried about getting injured?

I'm not really worried about what Anthony Johnson does. I have to worry about what I do to prepare myself.

Cain's an animal, man. Cain's a competitor. I want to spar with Cain because I know if I'm able to hang with him here in the gym, once I get out there in the cage and fight, I mean, I've already gone toe-to-toe with Cain Velasquez, you know?

I usually fight a lot. 2015, I fought three times. I fought three of the best guys in the entire world.

If you say John Smith is the greatest wrestler in Oklahoma history, now that's big.

People in Toronto love to watch fights.

I've done nothing wrong. Some people just don't like me. Maybe I'm somebody that's easy to dislike, but I don't get it. Whatever. I'll do what I do.

I went out there, and I fought Anderson Silva, and you know what? I got a big W, and that's massive for my career going forward.

I don't mind playing spoiler.

It's unfair to think that we can do what we do with the intensity that we do it and expect injuries to not happen.