If their was a tax on stupidity the government will self-finance.

It makes people laugh when you poke fun at politic. However, it is mainly politic who poke fun at us.

It is not really my fault if some people are hungry, but it would be my fault if nothing changed.

With prefab house, during all your years of credit you fix what collapse. After 15 years the ruins belong to you.

Long term credit means the less you can pay the more you pay.

Ladies, an advice: if you are looking for a man who is handsome, rich and intelligent … take three!

Bigamy is when you have two wives and monotony is when you have only one.

Gays do not reproduce and yet there are more of them.

Politicians invest money in prisons and not in schools, because for sure they will not go back to school.

God said we must share: The rich will have the food and the poor will have the appetite.

God is like sugar in hot milk. He is everywhere but you do not see him. The more you look for him the less you find of him.

Another advice: Do not drink while driving: you could spill your drink.

The day shit is worth as much as gold. The poor will be born without anus.

Artichokes are the real dish of the poor. It is the only dish that when you finish eating, you have more on your plate than when you started.

I have a friend who married for love. He married a rich woman… he loves money.

You have a new washing powder, the same brand, which washes whiter that the one that already washed whiter. Consequently, I am afraid to switch washing powder, I am afraid for my cloth to become see through.

If you listen to what peopel say: the rich are bad and the poor nice. Then why is it that everyone wants to be bad.

Some are tall, some are short! The good height for the legs, is when your feet firmly touch the ground!

Some look honest, but when they shake your hand you better count your fingers.

Everyone has ideas. The proof is that some are very bad.

At end month, the last 30 days are the hardest.

Do you know how, in South Africa, we call a black man with a machine gun? We call him sir.

I will admirably caution politicians who take me for a joker that I am not the one who started.

It seems that a preservative is a nice political logo. It balances inflation, allows expansion, limits overproduction and provides a satisfactory feeling of security.

If one day you feel useless and depressed, remember that one day you were the fastest spermatozoon of all.

Dictatorship is “shut your mouth”. Democracy is “keep on talking”.

February is the month of the year when politicians say the least stupidity because there is only 28 days.

A neutral country is the one which does not sell weapons to a country at war… unless it pays cash.

Alcohol kills slowly. Good, I'm in no hurry.