I wrote 'Flatliner' with Dierks Bentley in mind in 2013.

I went to a small high school in - down in south Georgia. Terrell Academy is the name of it.

I know that a lot of our troops like country music. I would love to do anything I could to just help them out.

When something hits you, you better go with it.

Every year since we got started, I think that it's going to get harder to top it, but with all the support, somehow things keep getting better. That must mean we are doing something right, so we're just going to try to keep doing what we're doing.

There's families all across the country that miss people, but there's nothing like military families.

I started performing in college, but I wasn't writing a lot.

I'm blessed to have the platform I have, and I'm going to spread the word. There's a lot of great causes, but I don't know anything that hits you harder than a child being sick. It's not fair; they don't deserve it. I'm ready to know what I can do to help.

Before I ever had my record deal, I just had a publishing deal over at Sony ATV. I had that title, 'Flatliner,' and just the idea of a girl stopping everybody's heart - just kind of a fun idea.

I just kind of go with what I am feeling and don't think I have any kind of recipe for it... I mean, that's what drew me into writing. It's fun, and sometimes you don't get a great song. Sometimes you do.

Even though I lost my dad in just a tragic, sudden way, there are so many more stories that are so much worse.

I always loved country music. But I didn't even know I could sing. I just knew I loved the music.

Just being from where I'm from, a little small town, I feel like I'm a good judge of character.

After I went to college, I realized that no matter how much I loved sports, I was ready to have fun, and that was right when I started to sing.

You play shows all over the country and hope that radio gets a chance to get out to see you, but that doesn't always happen like that.

I've had the chance to meet families with children who are sick, and it's heartbreaking.

I want people to know that I appreciate every piece of music they buy and every concert ticket because that's what keeps this going. Knowing that people are coming to the shows and enjoying my music makes every long day worth it.

I've always wanted to release a song that could actually touch someone and help them through a tough time.

Growing up, all I did was play sports. I always loved music, but I never even thought I'd be on stage one day.

When I say I'm living the dream, I honestly don't know how it can get any better.

Life ain't about just 'Chillin' It.' I've learned that.

I want people to know that I am having fun. That's the biggest compliment I can get is when people tell me I'm having a blast out there - if they only knew. I'm having the time of my life every night.

I'm not very patient.

Sometimes I get all the credit, and it makes me feel bad because I'm not the only one out here sacrificing everything. There are people out here on the road with me with kids and families, and they're out here busting their backs for me.

I know how music makes me feel; I know how it affects my life.

Being a big Braves fan, Turner Field would be cool to play a show at.

Diamond Resorts delivers world-class events and high-caliber hospitality; I look forward to representing Diamond and performing in the 2017 Diamond Resorts Concert Series to help make vacations unforgettable for their members.

The power of music is real.

I'm getting to do, like, 11 stadium shows with Kenny Chesney... seriously - that's bucket list.

I had a publishing deal way before I had a record deal.

I want people to know that I'm not just 'Chillin' It.' I'm a real person. There's heartbreak and trials, and I hope I put that in my music.

It matters if people believe you or not.

Country's more than about what the music sounds like. It's what you're saying and who you are as a person.

If one person feels the way I felt when I first fell in love with country music, then I'm doing my job.

As an artist, as a person, I don't want to be here for just a little while.

Sometimes, you want to write how you feel, but making people have fun, that's part of it, too.

If I start putting too much pressure on myself, that's something my mama is there to help with.

I always said, if I got a record deal, I'd want to record the best songs I could, whether I wrote them or not.

I've always wanted to treat people the way I want to be treated.

All I've ever wanted is a nice truck, and that's what I got.

I like my buddies to come out to shows on weekends, but they hardly ever get to any.

If an artist can take two minutes to tweet a fan and make his or her day, why wouldn't they take advantage of that?

On my tour, either they're coming to see me, or they're not.

You get to tell your story through your music if you choose to.

Whether it's a show or an interview, the way I look at it is that one day people might not want to interview me. So I want to enjoy this ride while I can.

It's just crazy to have a dream - have a plan - and then it all just kind of comes true. To me, that proves that you have to have a vision first.

Me and Luke are fraternity brothers. Luke Bryan was already in Nashville when I got to college. He had come back to his old fraternity house, which was my new fraternity house. We met there and just kinda stayed in touch.

I'm a Georgia Southern boy.

My first album, I had to write everything. Nobody was going to send me stuff just because I had a little success.