That's what I love about tennis: As an individual sport, you can't hide behind teammates.

My parents just always taught me to be reasonable.

I never give up. Doesn't matter what the score is.

Pretty hard to sweep me off my feet. It would have to take someone very special. You never know. I guess when you least expect it, it's going to come.

I like to bake, so sometimes I do the desserts. I don't eat too much desserts, though, because I need to be able to move around on the court.

I love a good steak. I like my meat. I love broccoli - it's one of my favorites - and corn, too. I mix it up with my vegetables.

Even when my opponent hits a very good shot, I don't just want to get it back. I want to get it back so they have difficulty. And then I can control the point.

Sometimes things happen in life, and you kind of need a friend.

I like to be a little different. I like details. Whatever I wear, I always have a say.

Young players are starting to come up as well and they will see me as one of the older, experienced ones.

My dream was always, when I was a little girl, to be number one and to win grand slams as the number one.

Whether I'm 70 or 30 in the world, it really doesn't matter.

You can't dwell in your past but move forward, look forward. That's it.

I will do a chocolate deal for product only. No need for money.

I just go out there and fight for every point, and then we see how far I can go.

The only one I feel pressure from is myself to go and give my all for every match and, obviously, I'm a competitor.

I look for someone who is honest, fun to be around, and doesn't take himself too seriously.

I think I'm a really tough player.

My mom was a volleyball player, and my dad was a soccer player. I never thought about it, but they always served healthy food at home, and I love it, and it kind of was a regular part of my day.

I would suggest that you only take advice from those people who have a lot of experience and who you trust as well. Also, be extremely conservative with your investments.

I have a 'cheat day' a week. I can really indulge and treat myself.

It's very expensive to be a professional tennis player with all the travel and the flights and the hotels and everything.

One day my dad would say, 'OK, if you want to play tennis I can help you out.' And that's how it started. And I had a goal. I wanted to beat my mom first. And my parents and my brother. And that was the ultimate goal.

With the depth of the women's game, the entertainment it gives, and the work we put into it, I think equal pay is right.

When I get the questions, I answer what I can answer. If they ask me about the match, I cannot really say that I like eating bananas.

I think a lot of us women feel like we deserve to play on the big courts in front of a big crowd as well.

I feel like everything is possible.

I think that's what it's all about; you work hard and practice to play on the big courts.

I give 110 per cent all the time.

Golf can be tougher than tennis when things go wrong, because you can't explain things by saying that your opponent played better than you. It's a cruel sport in that way.

In Denmark lots of people come up to me for autographs.

I start laughing every time because the media talks to me like I'm finishing my career and I only have one year left and time is running out.

My mum and dad are both sportspeople and know what's it all about. They know it's hard work, but they also know what it takes to become a professional athlete. I don't think - without their help, I wouldn't have got this far.

So, yeah, Dad was right. Tennis was the way to go.

I'd like to do a lot of things - whether in design or architecture or business.

I'm quite careful. I like to buy nice things for myself, but I like to also be reasonable. I think I'm pretty careful.

The rankings show the players playing the best and most consistent for 12 months.

I think you just learn so much about yourself over the years.

If I didn't love tennis, I wouldn't be playing. That's also why I don't know how long I will be playing because if I start feeling like this is not what I want to do anymore, that there's not really any reason anymore.

Honestly, I don't really read about myself. I look at the pictures sometimes. Sometimes I'm looking at them, and I'm thinking, 'They could choose some better ones.' But I don't spend time reading about myself because I know what I'm up to. I prefer to read about other people.

Sometimes I need a boost, and I go for something that's a little bit more intense and a bigger beat.

I love working with kids and helping others, so I feel like a career in teaching would be perfect.

The media will build you up in a hurry but then, just as fast, will bring you down.

I just live my life and do what I want to do and don't think about what is written about me.

When you're on court, you just want to win. You're a competitor.

I'm so happy to have done this, and now I can say I ran the New York City Marathon.

You feel better about yourself when you do something with yourself. You also feel more confident.

On a normal day-to-day basis, I'm makeup free, hair in a bun, and I just go.

You can either feel sorry for yourself and lay down and cry, or you can actually learn from it and move on and find all the positives in it.