Illinoisans know that we need to protect our environment, to invest in our future, to make sure that our children have clean air, fresh water, and a good, healthy future.

I worry Mr. Trump believes he's special just because he's Mr. Trump and that the rules don't apply to him and the people around him.

We need criminal justice reform. You have heard people talk about that all over the country. I was able to work on that specific issue at home.

I want to fight hard for the values and priorities of my district.

House Republicans continue to vote to repeal health care reform, not only removing guarantees that women aren't charged more than men for coverage, but also assuring the world knows they don't believe women should have control over their own health care decisions.

We need to rethink a system that has targeted young people, particularly young people of color, for nonviolent crimes.

Citizens United, I believe, will be regarded by history as one of the worst decisions this Supreme Court - or any Supreme Court - has ever made. It is distorting our political process and corrupting our government.

What we shouldn't be doing is borrowing money to give benefits to the most fortunate, to put the burden and pull the rug out of those who struggle the most.

To me, being a Democrat means we can't let 'We the People' turn into 'We the Few.'

Climate change is an economic, public health, and environmental issue that we have a moral responsibility to address.

My position's always been we need to build on successes within ACA, fix the problems.

I would borrow money all day long, if the cost of borrowing is less than the expected return.

We need to stop kicking the can down the road and rethink our entire tax system toward long-term, comprehensive tax reform.

I spend most of my career as a management consultant, a businessman working with family-owned small and medium-sized businesses. The businesses that make up the core of our economy.

While I support making improvements in the Affordable Care Act, trying to enact them while holding the government and our economic recovery hostage is reckless and irresponsible.

While I've been in Congress, I've never experienced a whiff of anti-Semitism. In my life, I have experienced very little.

We have to make sure we control who enters our country. And we have to sustain and increase our efforts to fight the terrorists at their source, both on the ground and in the battle for hearts and minds.

Illinois had the first aquarium built in Chicago. The very first skyscraper in the entire world was built in Chicago in 1885. The tallest building in North America, formerly the Sears Tower, now Willis Tower, is in Chicago. Evanston, home to Northwestern, is also home to the ice cream sundae. Illinois has a lot to be proud of.

We need to make sure we have in every school teachers trained and qualified to make sure every child, including children with different learning styles, succeed.

Iran is a bad and dangerous actor in a volatile region of the world, which is why Congress enacted sanctions in response to the ballistic missile program and support for terrorist proxy groups. We must hold senior Iranian leadership accountable for destabilizing actions in the region and around the world.

We should follow the facts wherever they lead us.

I don't believe in a redistribution of wealth.

One of the greatest injustices of the Vietnam era is the way our veterans were treated when they returned home. This compounded the pain experienced by those who served. That is a mistake we must never make again.

We need to make sure our veterans have health care not just when they come home but throughout their lives.

When it comes to economy, my district is the fourth largest concentration of manufacturing jobs of any district in the entire country.

I'm very proud of my business career.

We cannot forget that we are a nation founded by refugees who were fleeing oppression and often fearful for their lives.

We must continue to invest at the local level to help cities, towns, and villages retain teachers, police, firefighters, and other community-enhancing service providers.

I want to make sure every child has the opportunity for quality education.

Much as I wish it were not so, we do live in a dangerous world. It has, in fact, always been this way. Our earliest ancestors had to worry about predators, natural disasters, disease, and - unique among our species - attacks by other people.

Let's end the political games. Stop the finger pointing and do the work the American people sent us here to do.

As a Democrat, it's easy for me to talk about immigration. For my Republican friends, they could get criticized from the Right in their party.

Protecting our Great Lakes and conserving this resource for the next generation is critical both for surrounding communities and our planet as a whole.

While I am willing to compromise on process or on programs, I will not compromise my principles, nor would I expect those I work with to do so.

I'm proud to have earned a 100 percent score from Planned Parenthood and to have been previously endorsed by both Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro Choice.

Concealed-carry reciprocity, I believe, undermines American gun laws by forcing states to accept carry-permitting standards of every other state, including some states that have no standards at all.

Everyone in this country has a right to quality, affordable health care.

I've run businesses with thousands of people. I've run businesses with 10 people.

I have a world of respect for Congressman Dold and the service he's given to our country.

I have - and always will - stand up against efforts to limit a woman's right to choose.

I will work hard at the federal level to defend our progress on climate change, but we know that forward progress on climate must happen locally.

Making sure that people have access to preventive medicine for the first time ever as a nation? That's a big deal.

We are having trouble finding teachers to teach STEM. We also need to make sure schools have the resources. Some communities have multiple computers for each student in their schools. Other schools don't have textbooks, let alone computers.

I have met too many people who are looking for work, worrying about their mortgage, uncertain about their health insurance, and doubting that things will get any better anytime soon. Not just concerned about the present, many of us are doubting the future.

We're movers, forward thinkers, people who get things done. But the Tea Party and Republicans like Bob Dold are holding us back.

I applaud the work of Clean Power Lake County in their leadership to call for Lake County to build a just transition from coal to clean energy, and I'm proud their work will be highlighted on the national stage for TV viewers around the country.

To get Congress working again, I'm dedicated to working with anyone who has an open mind, good ideas, and a willingness to work together.

I want to work to help all those working a lifetime to be confident they will have a secure and dignified retirement.

Our global atmosphere does not respect national boundaries, and the international commitments under the Paris Agreement cannot be met without the full cooperation and participation of multiple countries.