For my everyday look, I don't like going anywhere without eye makeup.

My personal style reflects my music. My music and how I dress is just how I express myself; it's just me. My music is urban pop, and my style of dressing is urban but still girly. I like that combination. The contrast is very nice.

There are days I'm feeling lazy, and my mom will remind me, 'Beyonce also only has 24 hours during the day.' That always keeps me going.

I still live in Inglewood and have a great relationship with my Mexican family.

I like a fresh face. I like clean skin. Fresh skin, cute color on the lip, cat eye, mascara, and I'm good to go!

When I get out of work early, or if I have some time before I go into the studio, I go to Disneyland for a few hours with my siblings. We just have fun, go on all the rides together, and eat all of the good food.

Working with Bruno Mars would be really awesome. I'm such a fan of his, and I love that he's a real artist.

This is kind of weird, but I eat lemons with salt as snack. They're so good!

I figured, 'Why not go into entertainment?' I love entertaining people. I always loved being extra loud.

I interact with my fans mostly through Twitter, and I like to do livestreams about every two weeks, where I say, 'Ask me anything!' and I just sit there with my computer for 15 minutes, taking a break from work, and answering their questions.

I have an obsession with hot sauce. I love Cholula. I put Cholula on everything.

I don't know about you, but I love going on trips - especially with my family.

I wrote 'Oath' for Cher Lloyd because there were really no best-friend anthems out there. Not only did she love it, she wanted me to rap on it, too!

I like Xtreme Sour Strips. These really colorful little strips that are so good. I like snacking on them. They're not healthy for you, though!

Sometimes you do get caught up in the midst of becoming... a product, a brand, and not having a say in any of that.

I love having my hoop earrings. Just regular gold hoops.

My grandma taught me how to hand-sew, so I'm always making things from hand-me-downs.

I'm a California girl. I grew up in Inglewood right by LAX.

I'm not going to be doing anything to hurt myself or my fans.

I love big summer dresses, and it sucks because I'm such a little person, so I always have to be very specific about which ones I put on.

I would love to have my own fashion line because I love sketching.

Never let the negativity get to you. There are gonna be a lot of people you have to plow through, but as long you believe in yourself, that's all that matters.

My parents are high school sweethearts.

I'll never forget one time a fan came up to me crying, and told me, 'You really inspire me to be me. I feel OK to be myself now.'

I'm a rapper-singer, or singer-rapper - it's not one before the other. I do both.

Miguel has this Prince, Marvin Gaye, old-school feel that I love.

I don't know if it's because I'm Latina or something, but I have no problem speaking my mind.

I love people who dress how they feel and change it depending on the day.

My only way of getting my uncles' attention or aunts' attention or whoever's attention was by dancing and singing around the house.

Honestly, are we ever going to get over 'California Girls' by Katy Perry? I know it's old, but that song - I love that song!

In my industry, it's important to have people I look to for different things: guidance, inspiration and motivation.

My fans can see me grow up.

I never lie to my fans.

My little siblings keep me grounded. I'm a kid at heart.

I just want to stay creative, share my ideas and see where it all leads.

When I was 11, I decided to start rapping, playing guitar, and writing songs. Everything really blossomed from there.

For me, my number one Hollywood role model is Jennifer Lopez.

I feel like a little beast when I'm onstage, and I feel like my fans have that little beast inside of them, too: this hunger for life.

Sometimes I'll post goofy photos of myself on Instagram without make-up or making silly faces. I don't always look like a little Barbie doll.

My family are my friends.

If I can, I love staying in pajamas all day and watching movies and eating good food.

I got beat up sometimes in the girls' bathroom.

Coffee is my water now.

I've definitely accepted the fact that I'm not normal.

I love spending time with my family and friends during the holidays, and my favorite holiday tradition would be the pozole that my mom makes almost every Christmas. It's the best!

My parents are so cool, so chill, super hip. They know what's up.

I love Shakira - she is such a beautiful person. She does so many good things for the world on top of making good music. And she is an awesome mom. When you are Latina, it is all about family, and to see that she prioritizes family and her career at the same time is really nice.

Being a teenager, it's so hard to find foundation that's good for your skin for everyday wear.

When I was doing all this acting stuff, all these kids, like, assumed, 'Oh, my God, you're on TV, and you probably have a lot of money.' And I was living in a garage.