Killer skirt, deadly legs.

I didn't accept your sacrifice. I turned it down. I felt a small.

It's hard to concentrate on answers with you looking like that.

Your past wouldn't frighten me, I said, buckling my seat belt across my lap. I'm guessing I'd be more appalled than anything.

I took three steps back; he nudged the door closed with his foot. You like Mexican? he asked.

I shouldn't have been looking at lingerie. It naturally made me think about sexy things. Like kissing. Like Patch.

Vee never needed a reason to do something stupid. Sad thing was, most of the time I didn't either.

Have you finished your column for tomorrow's headline?" It was Vee. She came up beside me, jotting notes on the notepad she carried everywhere. "I'm thinking of writing mine on the injustice of seating charts. I got paired with a girl who said she just finished lice treatment this morning.

I can't decide if your naïveté is adorable, or if I want to smack some sense into you.

Your mine, angel. And I won't let anything change that.

I had to lull Mom and Hank into believing I was in the right frame of mind to be taken into public. If I exited my bedroom foaming at the mouth and dressed in black LOVE SUCKS tee, my plan would never get off the ground.

You're cold, Angel. Let me warm you.

There's my date," I said. "Fashionably late.

What are you writing? I asked. And she speaks English, he said while scrawling.

Busted. I'm a monster. Jev is my deceptively harmless-and shockingly handsome-alter ego.

Arrogance can be deadly.

People cahnge, but the past doen't.

The guy I've got my eye on happens to be hot. Off-the-charts hot. Hotter-than-Patch hot." She paused. "Well maybe not that hot. Nobody's that hot.

Just because I've gone and snagged myself a hot boyfriend doesn't mean I'm going to leave my bestfriend high and dry.

What was it with evildoers trying to hire my boyfriend as a mercenary?

This ring belongs to the Black Hand. He killed your dad.

I didn't break his jaw, but if he lays a hand on you, it will be the first of many things to break, Patch said.

Did you know, the first time I saw you, I thought: I've never seen anything more captivating and beautiful?

I'm going to expose you. Looking forward to it. I flushed, catching the innuendo.

There was something about almost dying that made me desperate to feel alive - and Jude's touch was the only thing that made me feel alive right now.

Science requires us to transform into spies.

I'm not good," he said, piercing me with eyes that absorbed all light but reflected none, "but I was worse.

If I could make this go away, I would. If I could stand in your place, I wouldn't hesitate. But I'm left with one choice, and that's to stand by your side through the end. I won't waver, Angel, I can promise you that.

Quit? You kidding? My life sucks when I'm only half-aware of it. If I quit drinking and saw what it's really like, I'd probably jump off a bridge.

Angel... I don't think you understand the lengths I would go to if it means keeping you here with me.

And despite the fact that I routinely tried to deny it, I felt something for him.

One more thing. I sold the mustang. Too conspicuous. Don't get too excited, but I bought you a little something with the extra cash. I heard you've had your eye on a Volkswagen. The owner is dropping it by tomorrow. I paid for a full tank of gas, so make sure she delivers.

Father' is such an arbitary word. Douche bag, on the other hand...

Any happiness, no matter how brief, seemed better than the long, simmering torture of waking up day after day, knowing I could never have him.

Boys like girls who look like...girls.

Chase him down and stall for time. I need two more minutes.

Was it a peck, did mouths part, or was there tongue? Never mind. You don't have to answer that. Patch isn't the kind of guy to deal with preliminaries. There was tongue involved. Guaranteed.

The presence felt like ice on the skin.

My legs are falling asleep, I blurted. It wasn't a total lie. I was experiencing tingling sensations all through my body, legs included.

Me Jev, you Nora.

I looked to the window. Patch was gone, but a single black feather was pressed to the outer pane, held in place by last night's rain. Or angel magic.

The truth is scary, but knowing nothing is crippling.

Sunlight stretched across the Nebraska miles, burning fiery pink-gold through a bank of clouds on the horizon. It was almost sunset, and the land spread out, an expanse of never-ending cornfields broken only by the rising silhouette of a windmill or grain silo.

Does this have anything to do with the unit we're studying? Because I can't find anything about desired characteristics of a mate anywhere in our text.

Don't blame me. Tell your mom to move closer. Tell her there's this new club called civilization and you guys should join.

Your enemy's enemy is your friend.

Gosh, it was nice talking to you, but I've got a lot of things I'd rather be doing. Like sticking my hand in the garbage disposal.

Is everything a joke to you? I asked.

In the end, the only thing between us was silence.