One cannot forget that show business also deals with humans. Everything is not so superficial that this is rigged or planned. Sometimes people do fall in love with each other because they spend a lot of time on the sets so much so the set becomes your first home, and your actual home becomes your second home.

I didn't leave TV for films; I left it due to health issues. I wasn't keeping well, and I was losing weight due to the long working hours.

My mom was practically in the vice principal's office all the time! Now I really feel sorry that my mom had to go through such embarrassment, but I was never a harmful person.

I am worst when it comes to social media.

No one actually knows how popular you are or how people think of you until and unless a few of the people who like your work walk up to you and let you know that you are really good. You can see the honesty in their eyes.

As I had always said, it takes two people to work hard to create the chemistry.

When you have rubbish stuff coming your way, you have to let go.

The transition from TV to films wasn't overwhelming, since an actor's ultimate job is to act.

An actor has to act irrespective of the camera or location.

People make a star out of actors after one or two films and keep capitalising on the same thing without having the courage of exploring the world of cinema, which has so much to offer.

The working standards on television in our country are really bad. The sad part is that many actors take this deal because it gets them money and recognition.

I always wanted to learn how to play the guitar.

A lot of respect to people who do theatre, but I wouldn't make a good theatre actor is what I feel.

Whenever I don't have anything to do, I play Candy Crush or Scrabble. We actors have time between shots, which we need to kill. And we cannot call friends or family, as you are called at a moment's notice. So you need to do something which you can dispose of immediately when called for a shot.

I am not the kind of person who makes his bread and butter on how hyped I am. I am an actor, and I do my job.

I find it so weird when the media calls me 'small screen super star.' I don't think I'm one!

As an actor, I think the experience and the portrayal of the character is exactly the same. It doesn't make any difference what camera is capturing it. You have to do it with the same passion.

I am such a shy guy.

I am pretty happy with myself. I am not saying I am flawless, but I am content with the way I am.

Since the day I got married, I never got to plan my birthday.

If everybody had 100% record of hits and flops, there would have been no surprises. There's not one director with 100% success rate.

Birthdays, for me, are not really important. It is just like any other day.

While you can be trained and groomed to be a better actor, seasoning happens only to TV actors. TV actors shoot every day, and that makes a difference to the project. They are hard-working, but that's not taking anything away from the film actors.

In life, I have been a very lucky person; I have had a good married life, good friends, though I am not as educated as I would have liked to be.

For me, as an actor, the challenge is mostly before the film starts when you have to get into the psychology of the character.

I am not on social media, as I don't feel the need to communicate with the outside world. People who matter to me are just a call away.

Limited series ensure that we maintain the quality of the writing on the sets.

I love playing intense characters.

A lot of amazing films are happening, a lot amazing TV shows are happening, and people are not afraid to pick actors instead of stars.

I really liked Priyanka Chopra in 'Barfi!'

I am a chilled-out person. But if people call me by my name, I hope they pronounce it right. I get called Baron, sometimes Varun, and my surname is often changed to Sobit.

I think everyone is making a lot of money, whether it is the actors, the producers, or the TV channels.

I have passed on on a lot of roles. I purely and simply do what I like.

I am not a party kind of a person. I like to sit down with friends with a drink and talk.

Everyone has a different life story. Things happen rapidly for someone, and things move slowly for others.

Not comfortable doing song and dance stuff as no normal person does in his/her real life.

If I am offered a biopic on a person people know almost everything about, what is the point doing it? A film on someone about whom very less is known is something that would interest me.

I believe social media gives away a lot to people. I got this impression long time back when my friend was on Twitter, and he got trolled because he posted his opinion about something. He was very upset about it, as he didn't expect that people will reply in such a nasty way.

For me, it is important to pick up characters which I can relate to. Or I recall an incident in my life or tap into my innermost emotions and try to bring that reality on to the screen.

People approach you for the work they have seen you do. I don't think people see me as a lover boy dancing around, so I haven't received a role of that kind. I'm going to do roles that appeal to me.

I always feel to do mythological and horror shows you need to be terrific actors. I am not that good.

There was a time when one couldn't dream of being an actor if they weren't well-connected or they weren't a star kid.

I signed 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon' only for a year. But the producer requested me to stay on, as the show had just started to make money. I carried on, and in the process, the character became very popular. When I finally gave up, changing the actor for that character was difficult, so the show ended.

Hiding my age won't make me younger. It would be stupid to not accept the fact.

Directing is a very, very difficult job.

When I quit 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon 1,' I left the show because I wanted to travel with my wife and spend time with her.

Fans love the image that they see on-screen. They simply admire you for whatever they see on TV shows without even knowing you as a person. That's such a pure thing. I'm thankful for the love they have showered on me.

My fans love me because I'm one of them.

As for adjustments, I think every relationship changes every day.