India was secular even when Muslims hadn't come here and Christians hadn't set foot on this soil. It is not as if India became secular after they came. They came with their own modes of worship, and they, too, were given a place of honor and respect. They had the freedom to worship God as per their wish and inclination.

The BJP decides its own policies.

Though I stay in Delhi, I often think about Himachal.

In Indonesia, Malaysia, wherever Muslims are living, they don't want to live in harmony.

Members of India's diaspora, living in distant lands of the world, my good wishes to all of you. You may be far away from India, but you are always close to our hearts.

Indian democracy's greatest strength is that we have always put the nation above politics.

Free and fair elections have again demonstrated that Jammu and Kashmir is part of India, and the people want to remain with it.

People want government to deliver - here and now.

During the 1942 Quit India Movement, I was a student at Gwalior High School. I was arrested by the British for participating in the movement. My parents then sent me off to my village where, again, I jumped into the movement.

Neither India nor Russia perceives a threat from the strength of the other. Each sees a benefit for itself in the increased political and economic strength of the other.

Victory and defeat are a part of life, which are to be viewed with equanimity.

We believe in equal respect for all faiths.

Himachal is my second home.

It requires an effort of logical acrobatics to believe that carnage of innocents is an instrument for freedom and elections are a symbol of deception and repression!

Whatever understanding is reached with Pakistan has to be followed honestly, and everybody will have to rise above party politics and be actively committed to make India prosperous.

We have given up office, but not our responsibility to serve the nation. We have lost an election, but not our determination.

The BJP regards Muslims as Indians and human beings.

India helped Bangladesh to achieve independence. The Bangladeshis should remain happy inside the territory of their own country.

No guns but only brotherhood can resolve the problems.

This power of democracy is a matter of pride for our country, something which we must always cherish, preserve and further strengthen.

Poverty is multidimensional. It extends beyond money incomes to education, health care, political participation and advancement of one's own culture and social organisation.

India has never played politics with national security.

If Pakistan claims to be a crucial partner in the international coalition against terrorism, how can it continue to use terrorism as an instrument of state policy against India?

It is true that of all the states in India, Nagaland has a unique history. We are sensitive to this historical fact. But this uniqueness has in no way diminished the spirit of patriotism among the Naga people.

We have ended hunger, but now we have to end famine.

Violence does not contribute to anything.

The spending in science and technology need to be to increased.

For the Bharatiya Janata Party, Gandhian socialism is what we want to achieve and make society free of exploitation and full of opportunities.

I prefer to die rather than eat beef.

India is a proud and sovereign country. We do not take any decisions under pressure from the U.S. or any other power.

India and the United States have taken a decisive step, away from the past. The dawn of the new century has marked a new beginning in our relations. Let us work to fulfil this promise and the hope of today. Let us remove the shadow of agitation that lies between us and our joint vision.

I am contesting elections since 1952, but never did I throw mud.

We believe that the United States and the rest of the international community can play a useful role by exerting influence on Pakistan to put a permanent and visible end to cross-border terrorism against India.

My poet's heart gives me strength to face political problems, particularly those which have a bearing on my conscience.

Our aim should be to make India a global R&D hub.

In the euphoria after the Cold War, there was a misplaced notion that the UN could solve every problem anywhere.

You can change friends but not neighbours.

I believe that democracy is the best guarantor for peace and cooperation among nations.

My message to the people and rulers of Pakistan is, 'As neighbours, we want peace and friendship and cooperation with you so that together we can change the face of South Asia.'

Who can forget that in critical times of war in 1962, 1965 and 1971, Naga underground organisations did not fire on the Indian Army? They showed restraint.

I have never been a traitor. I am not an informer; I never betrayed my nation.

If the elections are a mere fraud, why are terrorists being trained and infiltrated into India at the command of the Inter-Services Intelligence Agency of Pakistan to kill election candidates and to intimidate voters?

Labour reforms are not anti-worker.

Empowering the individual means empowering the nation. And empowerment is best served through rapid economic growth with rapid social change.

We want peace to be permanent.

The prime minister's office is not something that one enjoys.

While accepting donations, no one looks at the colour of money.

If India is not secular, then India is not India at all.

It is a matter of concern that science departments in India's vast university system have suffered greatly due to lack of investments, both material and in terms of faculty.