All I have are my instincts. They've never failed me.

Whether it's countries or companies, it's about putting the best person in the job who can unite people and create value.

My father smoked cigars his whole life, and my husband once in a while does. And when he does, it reminds me of my father. It's a heartwarming thing.

You know, I think that anything you do at Apple... you feel a tremendous onus. You want to carry on the legacy of what it meant.

I always say that my job is not to think about today. My job is to look around the corner and feel and see what's coming, and then warn everybody else.

I don't care how advanced technology gets. I don't think that there's anything that can replace looking someone in the eyes, touching their hand, you know?

The main objective - our soul is our people. And our job is to enrich their lives, change the world. And so I think that's the bigger pressure you put on yourself.

Online, offline, it's gotta be the same.

The purer our message, the more compelling it is to consumers.

I'm not shy, but I have a job to do. I don't need the notoriety.

It's no longer possible to think of the physical and digital as two different worlds.

Everyone in the world should have a trench coat, and there should be a trench coat for everyone in the world. It does not matter your age; it doesn't matter your gender.

People don't want to just make stuff. They want to make stuff with purpose.

At their core, an influencer creates an empowering human connection.

We cherish right and we cherish left, but more important, we cherish when you are able to use the whole mind that you were born with.

At some point in your career, maybe you, too, have made the life-altering decision to start anew. If so, you know first-hand how exciting, challenging, and sometimes disorienting the first 30, 60, 90 days can be.

Computers and smart devices are among the greatest intellectual gifts ever created for man but, if not balanced with human contact, may offer little to develop one's heart.

I have learned to feel my way through life, personally and professionally.

Don't stop. Don't slow down. Keep focused.

The basis for all human relationships and where we derive our greatest strength and power, trust is single-handedly the most powerful source of positive energy and, once in place, unlocks a freedom and peace to explore.

It's not unusual for a luxury company to be born from a single product and then diversify. Louis Vuitton began with luggage, and Gucci with leather goods.

Technology has given us access to the world and its sea of content, allowing us to never speak to another person if we don't want to.

What we have wanted to do is build an amazing brand experience and an amazing way that people can engage with the brand.

If I look to any company as a model, it's Apple. They're a brilliant design company working to create a lifestyle.

You have to create a consistent brand experience however and wherever a customer touches your brand, online or offline. The lines are forever blurred.

I don't want to be a great executive without being a great mum and a great wife. I don't want to look back and say I wish I had done things differently. 'Balance' is a really big word for me.

Intuition is the wisdom formed by feeling and instinct - a gift of knowing without reasoning... Belief is ignited by hope and supported by facts and evidence - it builds alignment and creates confidence. Belief is what sets energy in motion and creates the success that breeds more success.

I hadn't grown up always aspiring to be a CEO.

I'm from a small farm town in Indiana!

When I became the CEO of Burberry in July 2006, luxury was one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world.

I grew up in a physical world, and I speak English. The next generation is growing up in a digital world, and they speak social.

I think when you're empathetic, you're putting yourself in somebody else's shoes, right? It's not about you.

Ninety-five percent of the time, I put myself in somebody else's position - that's how I live.

Ask questions; don't make assumptions.

I have learned to listen and to hone my instincts to be perceptive and be receptive to change, to constantly live in ambiguity.

We all control our careers. Those choices that you make are so critical.

We're building a lifelong relationship with people, and every great relationship has to be built on trust.

I'm nearly always at home at the weekends; that's important for every working woman today, not just me. I don't encourage people to come in at the weekend and work; I encourage people to go home and create great families.

It is not about gender, it is about experience, leadership, and vision.

The more technologically advanced our society becomes, the more we need to go back to the basic fundamentals of human communication.

I don't want to be a great chief executive without being a great mum and a great wife.

From the store windows, the store touch-points, the website, social media, or a magazine, it has to be one pure customer experience, not just to gain market share but to gain mind share.

I work through teams. It's the only way I know how to work.

You're going to see relationships with technology across anything that's brand. I don't care if that's in home or what you wear. I just think it's a new fact of life.

In luxury, ubiquity will kill you - it means you're not really luxury anymore.

The luxury customer is increasingly global and increasingly mobile. Their brand journey is not linear. They might browse online and purchase in store, or vice versa.

At Apple, we believe that people with passion can change the world.

People talk about the age and positioning of a brand, but hell, it's not about that. The global language is digital, and we need to speak the language.

In China, you've got six people buying for one child. But the thing is, you've got the largest rising upper-middle class in the world.