When I see something I like, that's all that counts. What they use, how they get there, I never bother them.

I think that at heart I am an old-fashioned Chinese, really I am.

I think a movie is a media that is evoking feelings.

There's a level of sophistication of filmmaking that's mind-boggling. Anything you need for your movie, there's an establishment that can make it happen really fast.

My mother loves me and everything goes well. I have no conflict with her, so that's not dramatic.

In Taiwan, I'd be like Michael Jordan walking down the street.

I was very quiet, very shy and docile.

I think I can work with any type of actor.

I have two sons in America, and all they care about in Chinese culture is Jackie Chan and Jet Li.

I don't think the Hulk is a superhero. He's the first Marvel character who is a tragic monster. Really an anti-hero.

The way I go about a lovemaking scene is that we will talk about it during the rehearsing time.

When something possesses me, I go ahead and do it.

I wanted to shoot straight, mainstream, somehow off-beat. Not only realistic West, which is quite unfamiliar to the world's population - even to a lot of Americans.

I have a lot of repression. So repression is what I make movies about.

Many times when you make a movie, it feels like your biggest mistake. But even if a film isn't a hit, you shouldn't view it as a mistake.

I'm a drifter and an outsider. There's not one single environment I can totally belong to.

Over the years Woodstock got glorified and romanticised and became the event that symbolised Utopia. It's the last page of our collective memory of the age of innocence. Then things turned ugly and would never be the same again.

I'm not a romantic. In life I didn't have much experience with romance.

Meanwhile, the Ice Storm was still in development, And that was something I really wanted to do, and frankly I don't think I was ready to do a big production like this.

I think a lot of people do big movies not because they are talented artists but because they can function in the circumstances.

Sometimes, you have to get angry to get things done.

So many times you see beautiful lovemaking scenes with a lot of exposure or an awkward lovemaking scene, but I think it's very rare that you see it private.

I'm just a pretty regular dad.

You become the movie you are making.

I'm quite lazy.

Everyone in the gay community doesn't think alike.

I'm such a late bloomer.

I did a women's movie, and I'm not a woman. I did a gay movie, and I'm not gay. I learned as I went along.

The father figure is something I love, but also suffocate from and want to work against.

I had to find my way of translating the excitement you get when you're reading comic books to the big screen.

I don't know if I make the best gay films.

I like to do drama, something about life that could be disappointing.

Sexuality is a big issue, but there are others - how much you commit to a relationship, to social obligation, to honesty and being honest with yourself.

My hometown was one of the major U.S. Air Force bases.

Economically, it's more expensive to make movies. I hope digital movies change that.

Thinking back to those earlier days, I felt I was weak when I wasn't making movies, and then when I was, I thought I was weak as a family member.

I try to please everyone.

For six years, from 1985 to 1991, I felt pretty weak and useless.

Now I'm kind of established as a director, I much prefer directing to writing.

I am not particularly religious. But I think we do face the question of where God is, why we are created and where does life go, why we exist. That sort of thing. And it is very hard to talk about it these days, because it cannot be proven. It is hard to discuss it rationally.

Making movies is a way of understanding myself and the world.

In the past I've made movies that were pretty universally liked. You can't really hate them. You can discard them, but you can't really hate them.

I think doing period piece is easier, because after a certain distance, everybody is equal, I think. The relative contemporary is harder. I think that's the way it is.

Not taboo - it's just that straight actors still risk their careers commercially and economically. They have to please the crowd - they're movie stars; their image is their industry. It goes beyond acting.

I think great romance needs great obstacles and textures.

I think people are universal.

Some actors give you what you want. Some you have to make do what you want.

I'm not macho, I'm not a Mel Gibson sort of person.

I'm still a novice student.