What I found over the years is the most important thing is for a team to come together over a compelling vision, a comprehensive strategy for achieving that vision, and then a relentless implementation plan.

I believe America should make things.

The automobile has moved into the mainstream of our integrated digital world.

There is a great market for cars in the United States - as Honda and Toyota have proven.

Everybody cares about not only quality and functionality, but they also want the power of choice, whether it's a small vehicle or a large vehicle.

It is just more rewarding to do things in a supportive environment.

Google is really committed to improving everything. So it has been really fun to participate in all of their different moonshots.

Nothing will ever have the impact that 9/11 had on Boeing and on the world. It just changed things overnight.

All of us want to know that we are doing great things, that we are touching a lot of people, and that what we are doing is something bigger than ourselves.

I have a lot of respect for Microsoft.

We're so interdependent, and what one country does is such an important part of what happens in the global economy.

I'm a creative guy, a designer, a customer.

I can remember the first time I tried to drive into the garage of the world headquarters of Ford in a Camry. It was almost like they wouldn't let me in. They said, 'Why do you want to do that?' I said, 'Because we are going to make the best cars in the world, and we need to know everything about the competitor's car.'

A gas tax could be one important element of an integrated energy policy.

I sleep very well, although sometimes it's hard to go to sleep 'cos I'm so excited about the business performance review the following day.

The A-PAC region is so important, mainly because it is growing much faster than the global average.

No country is ever successful in the long term... without a really strong and vibrant manufacturing base.

More and more people realize the importance of economic growth, near-term and long-term in the U.S., and the competitiveness with other countries around the world.

I felt very comfortable moving from aerospace to automobiles.

You can't manage a secret.

When I arrived in Ford, a decision was made to sell many marquee brands. This was because 85 per cent of the sales were from Ford and Lincoln brands. We were clear that for the company's strong future, we needed to focus on the Ford brands.

If you get honest feedback and do nothing about it, then the feedback will stop.

A lot of people don't want to get bad news.

I drive a different car every night.

My career has been spent developing airplanes.

I really do believe that working together works, and it's amazing to me.

Man, have I become a car guy!

Don't manage your career. Follow your dream and contribute.

You create value, and you create jobs.

It's all about producing products people want.

Automobiles are fun and exciting. We need them. They are a part of our lives.

When people feel accountable and included, it is more fun.

Because of the Internet of Things, we're all going to be connected.

The most important thing is the fact we have created this successful and sustainable Ford Motor Co. worldwide. I have no regrets.

The purpose of business is to make a reasonable return by making products and services that people want and value. If you are not, you are wasting resources.

The similarities between commercial airplanes and automobiles are striking. It's all about safe and efficient transportation using the latest technology and the best fuel efficiency.

There is no reason that America can't compete in a global economy, and I love being one small proof point in that.

I grew up with Microsoft. I know the leadership of Microsoft.

Transparency is so important in business.

I taught my executive team how to argue.

The more senior your management position is, the more important it is to connect the organization or the project to the outside world. You know, how does this fit in with what we're doing? What is the real goal, the real mission?

If you're going to be world-class, you have to focus.

I'm more convinced than when I accepted this job that we can create a viable Ford Motor Co. that makes cars and trucks that people really do prefer. And we can make them using minimum resources and minimum time and be competitive with our competition.

Both Boeing and Ford are absolutely committed to safe and efficient transportation.

I think my first-ever car was a Chevrolet, 1960.

Information should never be used as a weapon on a team.

Having one national standard for mpg and CO2 is extremely important.

An important part of leadership is being able to hold two things in your mind at once: Dealing with the reality, whatever it may be, and focus on hope for the future. Any leader helping an organization through challenges needs to be able to do both.

I know how inter-dependent the world is.