I was raised by a single dad, and I've always kind of liked things that are typically more guy-oriented.

I'm sure you can imagine it's pretty frustrating to have people talking about your private life who don't know anything about it.

On general principle, I boycott shows that don't employ actors.

I think people sleepwalk through their lives, and for me, I wanted to embrace everything. And that meant the agonizing pain and the transcendence, and you can't have one without the other.

I've always been an outsider.

I'm the kindest, most supportive friend ever, probably to my own detriment, but I hope that I am toughening up a little bit.

I grew up on the back of a motorcycle - my dad didn't have a car until I was a teenager.

A lot of people try to control how you access gaming. You know, they're trying to prevent people from buying games.

Do you have any idea what it's like when you try and make home porn? My husband and I tried it. We looked like charging hippos. Best to leave it to the pros.

Marriage is hard. I'm not gonna lie.

I have a lot of good girlfriends that I really love, but you know, most of my close friends are men.

I tell jokes, chat with people, and make stuff.

I can tell you this: Stand-up is not glamorous.

In my life and my work, I really try to be just fully myself.

I'd be plenty happy if I could keep playing scientists and cops for the rest of my career.

I won't apologize for choosing my career over kids.

Dartmouth represented a great opportunity. I wanted to go to the best possible school I could go to.

One of the first movies my dad took me to see was the original 'Road Warrior.' And I was kind of raised on the action movies of that era: 'The Terminator' and 'Die Hard' and, of course, all of the 'Star Wars' movies.

I love fashion, and I love how it makes me feel, but it doesn't rule my life.

For a little while, my mom was a school teacher. And I went to the school that she taught.

I started out being a stand up and writing my own material. That took me to 'Talk Soup,' where I was writing and performing for TV.

There's a part of every person that is entertained by the idealistic, the fantastic.

Everybody has those stories that make them wince when they think about them silently. But as soon as you tell that story, it becomes a little bit less cringe-inducing.

You know, I read graphic novels but not encyclopedically.

I think, like most gamers, I talk a good game.

If you're a game company, you want to create a singular gaming experience, and part of that is doing stuff that nobody else is doing. If you're trying to create a game that feels different, you're going to create a lead that feels different. It's not going to be just another white guy.

I'm a think gamer with twitch tendencies.

You rarely see women being nice to each other on television anymore.

I feel if you believe in equality, you have to believe in it for everybody. And that's the way I've always lived my life.

I'd like to provide an SAT word in everything I do.

When I get old and slow down I want to look behind me and see all the fire and the wreckage and no stone left unturned.

It's always been the genres that fascinated me. I think great action movies and great thrillers are transformative.

Am I going to complain about being typecast as smart? I don't think so.

I really love being busy because I am - feel like I am at my best when I am busy.

I was raised by a single dad. Dad's idea of hanging out with your kid or day care was give her $20 in quarters, drop her at the arcade, and tell her not to talk to strangers.

I'm trying my hand at directing. I'm doing an independent movie that we haven't started casting yet, but it's like an edgy version of 'Lethal Weapon' and '48 Hours,' only with two women in it.

I married my husband because I loved him, and I don't feel like there's anybody missing from our marriage, but when you think about this person that you love, and you think about what a wonderful thing it would be to bring another person like that into this world, I think that's the hardest part about all of it.

If you have an embarrassing story, and it's a source of shame, keeping it in just compounds the shame and turns the story into something poisonous. And if someone knows about it, then it can be used against you.

My hands are delicate and elegant, thank you very much. They're well-kept; my nails are clean.

God, I mean I had so many people tell me, 'What you're doing doesn't work.' I used to have to get on stage and apologize for talking the way that I speak.

I'm surrounded by geniuses, which is really not good for my own personal self-esteem!

Not only was I the only black kid and the only poor kid, but my parents were transcendental meditation devotees, and I live in an ashram for a good portion of my childhood.

I'm sure I had low-level scurvy all of my childhood.

I've always loved video games. I played 'Ms. Pac-man' with my dad, and I Ioved 'Galaga' and 'Tempest' and grew up on the standing arcade games. Even to this day, my dad will call me if he's playing 'Ms. Pac-man' and hold the phone up to the game.

I was like, 'I want us to stop using that term. I'm not a 'girl gamer.' I'm just a gamer.' The reasons I love gaming are the same reasons everyone loves gaming.

Marriage isn't a carnival ride.

I might not agree with myself in a year.

I can't say that there's been some big change during my career where all of a sudden everything's totally colorblind.

Standup comedy is inordinately difficult. If doing something else for a living will make you equally happy, choose that instead. I'm serious. Comedy is punishing.